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what I wore: a random warm day in fall

Monday, October 03, 2011

the details:
dress - thrifted
vest - thrifted
camera bag - Jo Totes
socks - c/o We Love Colors
boots - thrifted
brooches - thrifted

The lack of detail shots in this post is kind of bugging me, but honestly, I'm happy to have any photos of this outfit/day. The mosquitoes were having a field day on this one random warm day in fall. I was covered in bites in literally seconds. I don't think I've ever seen them as bad as they were then, it was horrible. But it did lead us to the beach where I figured there wouldn't be any mosquitoes. (I was right too!)

It's a given that if I go to the beach I'm going to get my feet wet, I just can't fight the urge. So as usual I took of my shoes and kicked around in the water. The waves were larger than normal and ended up splashing my dress. It felt so good! I yelled to Kevin who was skipping stones (and clearly sneaking photos of me) to join in. He eventually took off his shoes and came in with me.
It was so much fun, I felt like I was in a commercial. Ya know, the kind that has someone doing something that is completely irrelevant to what they're trying to sell, so maybe this was a tampon commercial or something. I told Kevin that it felt good to let loose, to which we both cracked up because I really don't lead a very stressful life. But really, it felt great to just let the waves crash up on me, not caring that my clothes were getting soaked. You should try it! probably not today though, it's freeeeezing!

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27 thoughts

  1. Ooh, I miss the beach so much. Jealous that you got to play. :)

  2. Very cute outfit... I am loving your pins! They are precious. :) :) Sea Marie

  3. Love the jean vest - I had one a long time ago and somehow lost it to a random friend. I ahve been looking for a new one for 2 summers! You're lucky its still warm enough to wear bare legs! Jealous!!!

  4. What an awesome brooch!

    It's been ages since I've been to the beach. But I have to admit, I don't often take my shoes of, it's so hard to get the sand of your feet again haha;)

  5. The jean vest with that dress is too cute. I wish I had some beachy water nearby to dip my feet into! The only thing around here is a smelly river... sigh, maybe I'll dip my feet into that.

  6. we still didn't have Fall here so it's kinda funny to look at someone who had a day to "rest" from tights when I still didn't get to use them. September was the hottest month of the year already and I think October is going the same way...
    I just loved to read your description on how you got your feet wet and your dress soaked. Life is all about these little moments!

  7. haha a tampon commercial. That is funny though, I know exactly what you are talking about. You look lovely by the way!

  8. Loved the brooch! That last pic I do think its like a video or commercial lol I love going to the beach on a random day and wet my feet, the only thing I dont like is the fight I have with the sand after.

    How are the beaches there? Cold? Deep? I have sort of a phobia of getting in other beaches other than the ones here :/

  9. Cute outfit all around! I hit up the beach this weekend, too. It's finally started to get chilly here in Florida, so I want to get in as many beach days as possible before it's too late!

  10. Cute dress! I love your vest too. I always forget to wear jean with dresses. Have a great week. xo, rv


  11. Such a cute outfit! We've had such strange warm weather recently, I want my cold crisp days back! x

  12. Once again I'm so jealous because you live near the beach and I don't! I love the sea at any time of the year but those days in early autumn - when technically, it should be too cold to go near the water but practically, you can still catch the waves without getting a cold - are the best!

  13. I have not walked out into the waves for a long time! Maybe it would relieve some stress :) When we were little, my sister and I jumped into the ocean in our jeans and then we walked around all day in the said jeans. They got all crispy and itchy from the salt and we majorly suffered from it!

  14. that yellow mushroom has be captivated, such an awesome find! love it!

  15. I know what you mean, the beach revives me. Cute dress by the way :) I love the pins, they're my fave.

  16. Getting your feet wet is the best!
    --Jaclyn T
    Nature Inspired Jewellery

  17. So cute, I love the colors of that dress! And those pins are totally adorable. You are making me want to go to the beach so bad!


  18. This outfit goes so well with your hair colour! It's freezing at where I am now, so probably no beaches for the next few months!

    Fang Ting

  19. Awesome blog!! http://sewchrissy.blogspot.com

  20. You always take wonderful pictures! And we had an awesome warm fall day in Wisconsin today and it was MAGICAL. Unfortunately I was in school for most of the day, but got to go out during my Digital Photography workshop and take pictures of the trees for a good 20 minutes. ;D

  21. Nice post!!!!!!!! Love your style and hair colour!!!! I wanted to have them this fairy purple colour as you do but nobody wanted to paint my hair and I don't know which colour combination to do and have this result!!!!

    I'm following if you can follow me back!
    Kisses xoxo

  22. That dress is absolutely adorable! I love the print!!! And p.s. you have thee cutest face ever! Your blog has so much personality I'm loving it!

  23. Hahahaha, that brooch, is that a CAT-erpillar? That's so awesome! I can't stop laughing now (but in a good way, I promise)... how clever. :)


  24. i love that outfit! expecially the dress, and it looks rad cool with the purple hair


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