I'm never going to quit telling you all... - The Dainty Squid

I'm never going to quit telling you all...

Saturday, October 22, 2011

how much I love fall. I wish it could be a perfect fall day everyday! All the leaves have changed and are falling, it's the best! (I mean, I could live without the rain and gloomy weather we've been having lately but...) Fall is my favorite season not only because of the weather, but because of the colors! There is no season more visually appealing.
...and playing in the leaves is pretty fun too, especially with my nieces and nephew!
Hope you have a great weekend!! 

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20 thoughts

  1. I hear ya sista!!!! Sometimes I feel like every post in a week has talked about fall some way or another!!! How can anyone not absolutely adore fall? LOL
    Love the cute pics,


  2. GREAT pictures! And I love fall, too. I'm so glad it's finally cooling off here in VA. :)

  3. delightful photos of your nieces & nephew! i too am an autumn girl, through & through.

  4. I wish my nieces were here so I could make a huge pile of leaves to jump it. It'll give me an excuse to act like a kid! :P
    Haha, those are some rad shoes, not going to even lie!

  5. Gorgeous! Makes me want to drive to see my niece + nephew in New Hampshire!


  6. Fall is quite amazing indeed. I love all of your pictures, as always :)

  7. I totally agree. I'd love if Utah was a 100% Autumnal state. <3333 And I don't even mind the gloomy weather!

  8. i love those leaves. there is something really relaxing about colored leaves. so pretty!

    Kait xo

  9. Mushrooms and pumpkins and leaves, oh my!

  10. Your photos are so cute! :) Love reading your blog every day!

    :)Sarah @ TheWeavingCat

  11. Awww these photos are adorable! Looks like loads of fun xo

  12. I completely agree! After growing up in the desert, living on the east coast has made me fall in love with fall! :)

    a cup of subtle tea

  13. fall is my favorite as well. i love the colors, i love the weather, i love halloween, i love it all.

  14. I'm with you on fall. It's by far my favorite season

  15. Yes, I love autumn too :) all those colours!!
    Love all these photos, especially the first one :) so funny!
    Life is a romantic poem

  16. I love fall too, but it would be even better without the cold and wind ;-)
    The leaves on the last picture are so pretty!

    I finally dyed my hair pink (with some blue ^^) thanks to you! here's a pic if you want to see how it looks :)

  17. Oh GIRL.

    I feel the same way. I want it to be fall forever and ever. It's my most favorite season, and I hate to see it go. Does it feel like it leaves way quicker than any other season to anyone else?

    Lauren @ Sea Parrot

  18. LOVE YOUR FUCKING BLOGGGGG :) Merci pour cette superbe découverte! Je m'abonne de ce pas. Bisous !

  19. I love fall too and I can't stop taking pictures with me throwing leaves in the air and around pretty trees that are changing colors! :) These are so pretty Kaylah! You really capture the awesomeness that is fall.

  20. Me too! My very favorite one! =)


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