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A photo an hour; my Sunday

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

8 am // My little chubbers in his favorite spot and favorite position. He totally knows how cute he is! At this point during the morning I was waiting on Kevin to get ready to leave. He's pretty pokey sometimes.
9 am // On our way to Erie, we had to take the back roads because it was raining so hard but as soon as we got on our way it quit raining and turned into a great change of scenery on the normally boring drive!
10 am // We went to Presque Isle before heading into town. It was such perfect weather. I wore a sweater and could have gotten away with tights too!
11 am // More walking around Presque Isle. I really hate walking in the sand but the trails are so beautiful!
12 pm // One last picture from Presque Isle. I found this gorgeous common earthball (Scleroderma citrinum) PS. I'm having so much fun identifying mushrooms, I wish we would have learned more about this stuff in school.
1 pm // FOOD TIME! We stopped off at the Co-Op to grab some groceries and a bite to eat. Our food of choice? Baked Tofu sandwiches. We've even become known as 'the baked tofu couple' by our favorite staff member since that's what we always get.
2 pm // On the way out of the Co-op these were spotted pushing their way out of the ground. Amazing how mushrooms can thrive just about anywhere.
3 pm // We hit up the junk store. I love digging through the cameras, even if I rarely purchase any. I'd love to build a pretty little display for them (although that would compromise the fun that is digging through them)
4 pm // We started the drive home but ended up getting lost. Lost isn't always bad though. We explored country roads and dreamed about owning a farm someday. It was perfect!
5 pm // Still lost & loving it!
6 pm // Finally home. I think this little critter missed his momma! (or perhaps just wanted fed...)
7 pm // Time to throw my feed up on the couch and enjoy some pita and baba ghanoush
And that was a peek into my Sunday!

I've been working all morning on putting together lots of scrap fabric (I'm still in the process of clearing out all my cutesy prints!) I've got a nice chunk of them listed in The Destash Squid. I'm going to get back at it now, because I've finally started to put a dent in it and now I feel motivated! 

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31 thoughts

  1. I call my cat chubber :) too cute xx

  2. these posts are my favorite! i love peeking into others' days.


  3. Posts like these are so fun!

    Also, I clicked on the link for Presque Isle and was pretty surprised by the weather forecast. Definitely don't see temperatures like that here in Florida until November :p

  4. love the mushroom display on the speedometer, so cute! also that sandwich looks delicious...and now I'm hungry.

  5. awwwww look at his poor face! That is the cutest kitty pout ever!

  6. Your cats are beyond adorable.... seriously. :P Looks like you guys had a great day. Ya'll make me miss NE Ohio!! Sea Marie

  7. This was a fun way to look at your day. Your kitties are silly/cute!


  8. The baked tofu sandwiches look really good!! Looks like a great day. Your kitties are too cute!


  9. That baked tofu sandwich actually made my stomach growl! How embarrassing in my quiet little cubicle :X

  10. really love to dig in your universe like that :-) it's a funny discovery every time :-) Switzerland loves you!! Thanks for sharing your little human thoughts :-)

  11. Your kiddos are too cute! I love seeing pictures of them. What a fun Sunday! Days like this are amazing, aren't they!?

  12. Cute post Kaylah! I used to work at Aladdins when I lived in Ohio... is that where your baba is from? It sure looks like it.

  13. My family has a farm with chickens and lots and lots of gardens!! I totally recommend getting one some day.

    And I love all of the pictures. Super adorable.

  14. Those back roads look amazing. We don't have much greenery where I live, so photographs like that always make me smile. Hopefully I'll move somewhere green soon!

    Also, that sandwich looks beyond yummy!

  15. I love that you went to Erie! I go to school there!

    Which junk store did you go to? I have been to a few thrift stores and indoor flea markets and have never had any luck.

  16. Hi!

    That sandwich looks soooo delicious! O_o I really want one right now...

    I love when cats are in cute positions, my new kitten sleeps in an adorable one all stretched out, i just love her(:

    Hope you re having an awesome week full of rad finds and banana pie(;

    Carmila Ponycat

  17. i took a picture of my mom's cat sleeping with me last night and he's in the same position. too cute!

  18. Your little babies are so cute! Kaylah, I have been dying to tell you this all day - I went thrifting today. And lying on a red, 1930's suitcase was a little cat. Fast asleep curled into a ball! As soon as I saw it, I thought..Kaylah would be in her element right now!

  19. cool, erie that's close to my hometown! cute cat :D

  20. You guys go on the greatest walks through the woods and adventures! Lovely photos!

  21. Looks like a lovely Sunday! And getting lost is sometimes the best :)


  22. There's a place by me where we ALWAYS get grilled tofu sandwiches, too. They are the most delicious things with some kind of crazy veganaise spread and we substitute sprouts in for the onions. So good!

  23. Kaylah,
    looks like a fum time....I live about two hours from Erie..we must not be that far from one another.

  24. Wow.. I totally thought you meant Presquille... like in Ontario here - ah well! My post today had me thinking of you... would you happen to know if these backyard version of 'shrooms' are edible??

    Mel :o)

  25. Sometimes I love getting lost, after the initial freak out! Haha, your day looks like it was amazing! :)

  26. Pretty, pretty photos. That sandwich looks delicious. Sounds like the perfect Sunday to me!

  27. I love these pictures, what a hilarious cat picture!

  28. WOW. I want to visit THAT junk store! That sandwich is making me hungry.

    ♥ sécia

  29. That sammich looks delish! And I got excited for a second thinking you were in Preque Isle, Maine...but your Presque Isle looks much happier :)


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