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The Collector: Part 9.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

This collection is different from my other collections because unlike the others everything is different and doesn't have a similar visual theme. What ties these items together is that they're all family keepsakes. I call this my special box, it's contents are varied but most were given to me when I was young and they somehow managed to make it through my childhood without being destroyed.

I love sharing about the contents of the box and I could probably type for hours about it but I'll keep it semi short and only tell you about one item per photo.
 (doll from my mom, clay chair my brother made me when he was high school, a tape measure that belonged to my grandpa.)

Peeking out the top is a doll from when my mom was a little girl, she just gave this to me a month or so ago. It's in my top three most treasured possessions despite the fact her arms are barely handing on and her skirt is taped on. (uh, lets not forget about that creepy face too!!)

 (nail, seahorse, bag of teeth, camera that belonged to my grandpa, a sea star and a keychain from Panama)

Inside the box there are smaller boxes, the item item I'll tell you about from here is the nail. It's from the barn where my grandpa grew up. When it was torn down his nephew saved it for him. My mom told my grandpa I was looking for more family keepsakes and that's what he had to give to me, he was nervous I wouldn't think it was interesting enough but I think it's really neat! At the same time he also gave me a small tin can that his father used to store his tobacco in.

Since there are only two things in this photo, I'll tell you about both. The first is an army shirt my brother gave to me when I was in sixth or seventh grade. Let me tell you, that shirt is worn out. He gave it to me when he outgrew it, then I wore the heck out of it. I wanted to be in the army so bad when I was younger, I wanted to be just like my big brother.

Second,  a video game thing that my family dubbed "poop n' play". There was only one Christmas where I remember my grandma (from my dad's side) sending us presents. I got a porcelain doll, which I wasn't really into and my eldest brother got the video game. The whole family fought over who would play. The music it plays takes me right back to the couch at my parents house peering over my brother's shoulder as he played.

(my dad's braid, a photo of my dad and his dog, a ladybug trinket from my dad)

My dad used to have long hair and when he jokingly asked if I'd want his ponytail when he cut it off I jumped at the opportunity. I love when my dad's hair is long and his pony tail is also in my top three favorite possessions. When I was little he always used to let me play with, cut and style his hair. I absolutely love the way it smells! (I used to have a locket of my mom's hair but I think I played with it too much as a child, I'm gonna have to ask for another!)

(some shells from Put-In-Bay that my brother brought me home, gold necklace and a sea star) 

The gold necklace belonged to my grandma (on my dad's side). I didn't really know her that well but when she died my dad gave me this. I've never worn it because I'm afraid of breaking or losing it but I'm very protective of it.

I'm so ridiculously sentimental, you don't even know the beginning of it. ;) 
Do you have a box full of special things? What's inside?

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3 thoughts

  1. I have a box full of letters all the way back o 3rd grade, they are valentine's, xmas and bday cards, among other silly stuff like bands from events I dont wanna forget, also post cards, letters from summer friend at camps, a lot of thing I cherish!

  2. my girlfriend thinks your just the bees knees, great.. you can have it with glaze!

  3. Wow, this is really inspiring. I have a box of old ticket stubs and concert memorabilia that I treasure but it's nothing compared to what you have here!


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