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Bet you didn't know ...

Thursday, May 26, 2011

that poults are so cute.
A poult is a baby turkey, in case you're aren't hip to baby animal lingo. (I had to google it!)

My dad texted me on Thursday evening saying he rescued thirteen baby turkeys (their momma was hit by a car), and to come over to take pictures. So, of course I did, I love photographing animals! On the way there Kevin goes "you know they're going to be ugly right?", I agreed but to our surprise they were absolutely precious and looked very similar to chicks. Don't even get me started on how soft they were. Oh my gosh, I just wanted to pet them forever.

I really wish we could have brought them home to raise but alas we don't really have a large enough yard for thirteen adult turkeys. My dad and Kevin took them to an Amish family down the road who will raise them along side their chickens, so it's a happy ending for these little cuties!

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