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A Photo an hour.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Yesterday I took one photo an hour for the whole day (well 11 hours of it, from 8am to 7pm). So here is my day in photos;
 8am - sewing pouches that we screen printed the night before. They turned out so cute, you can see one in later in this post.
9am - things I do while I work; watch netflix movies on my ipad and sip on birch beer (the best drink ever, only second to root beer)
10am - things on my desk.
11am - lunch! Bread sticks and yogurt. I kind of forgot to take photos before I devoured them...hey, I was really hungry and they were awfully tasty.
12pm - Straightened up my desk. I can make one crazy mess in just a few hours.
1pm - Packing orders.
2pm - Being annoyed by kitties who jump up on the back of my chair and make it wobble like crazy! I always feel like they're going to pull the chair over (even with me on it) as they climb up to get on.
3pm - I guess he was sorry for annoying me earlier. ;)
4pm - watching me intently as I snack on vegan pepperoni.
5pm - A trip to the new discovered Goodwill.
6pm - Got home from mini thrift trip and photographed what I found; a brand new pair of shoes and a sleeveless baseball shirt for this summer!
7pm - relaxing on the couch and doing my nails.
And that was my day! ...Well, a small glimpse into each hour.

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  1. if i could have anyone else's life, i think it would be yours. <3


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