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A peek into my living room!

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Like I mentioned a few times recently, we've been working on re-doing the living room! Since the beginning of the year we've:
• painted the walls a nice, light green to cover up the ugly gold I thought was a good idea when we moved in.
• painted the ceiling white, also to cover up the ugly gold I though was a good idea.
• thrifted some new wall hangings.
• most, importantly - GOT CARPET! Which is the best thing we've ever saved money for! Anyone who says they don't like carpet and would rather have hardwood floors has obviously never rolled around on my carpet. It's magical. I love it oh so much.

It might not seem like that big of a difference but it's 100% different (and better!) in person. I'm so excited. Here are some photos of it now;

Excuse the lack of window coverings. I had curtains hanging and I was sick of washing them all the time (cat hair!! they're the one thing I couldn't figure out how to easily vaccuum) so I decided to do a blinds and valence combo. The blinds had to be ordered since apparently they're an odd size and will be here any day now and I haven't decided on a valence color yet.

The living room is now my favorite room in the house, I want to spend all my time in it. 

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