July 2010 - The Dainty Squid

A new addition.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I want you all to meet someone...
Professor Stingray. 
(a.k.a. the professor, ray-ray)
He came into my life on July 6th, the night of the Smashing Pumpkins concert. My mom texted me telling me she found my dream kitty (I have always wanted a siamese!) in their driveway... all alone. So she scooped him up and brought him over to my house just so I could check him out, give him some lovin' and take some pictures. The plan was to just to keep him overnight then take him to my mom's boss who takes care of kitties until they're ready to be adopted.

It was obvious he was pretty sick. Every nap his eyes were cemented shut with goop when he woke up. After a visit to the vet we found out he had worms, ear mites and a nasty upper respiratory infection.

Now he's feeling (and looking!) much much better. He has a vet appointment on August 7th to check for any viruses (FIV and FeLV), if those come up negative then he's found his forever home...WITH US! I'm beyond nervous because I'm already head over heals in love with this little guy. The professor is currently staying in the workshop in the basement, blocked off from contact with the other kitties in case he has something.

He's growing up really fast. Can you tell? The pictures are in order of oldest to newest, (uh, minus the top two, those are from mid month) I think he looks so much bigger in the last two photos. He's a ball of energy, makes the cutest noises and just look at those eyes!!  I know that Doc, Leaf and Squid will just adore him (oh ya know, after a few tough weeks of hissing and cat fights).
Fingers crossed he's healthy!!

where I work

The craft room

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Not a lot has changed since the last time I posted pictures except for the fact I've hung lots of things on the wall.  Doc is the best sewing buddy you could ever ask for. He is almost always sitting on the back of the chair, keeping my head warm!


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