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This year I...

Friday, December 31, 2010

Inspired by Izznit's "This year I..." post I decided to make my own! This is also influenced by the fact Kevin and I are stuck at home watching movies, playing video games and eating hummus on New Years eve since I'm terrified of being on the road with the possibility of so many drunk drivers being out. (I am so my mother!)

This year I...
...met lots of neat critters!
...ate the best sweet corn ever, straight from our own garden! 

...learned how to make origami cranes! (still stoked about that!)
...was adopted by the sweetest little kitten ever.
...baked more than I've ever baked in my whole life!
...had the best craft room ever built for me by my dad... and then had to desert it due to flooding!
...dyed my hair the prettiest colors!
...thrifted, antiqued and auctioned my butt off. tattooed a lot, including a piece for my kitties (just days before adopting the professor!)
...enjoyed the little things!

I think 2010 was an absolutely awesome year, and I'm looking forward to 2011! Here's to a fabulous year!

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