Kitties in clothes just might be my favorite thing ever (well, they better be, I've got three tattooed on my leg!)
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This ring is so pretty!
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What pretty colors! I'm still dying to learn to crochet!
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"A real-life owl and the pussycat. A kitten and owl have become inseparable. The unlikely friendship began after a litter of stray kittens were handed in to the Hawk Conservancy Trust in Hampshire, after they were found abandoned on a nearby road, and one of the litter has become firm friends with Nigel, a white-faced scops owl. Picture: Mathew Growcootl."
 (via: the telegraph)
Cute little gnomes with acorn hats!
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Toilet paper roll art. Amazing!
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A giant monkey created from flip-flops!
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Absolutely in love with this shirt. It looks so comfy!
Neeeed these vintage boots (and they're in my size!!) 
The cutest bookshelf! I love the eyes peeking out of the hole, I think that's my favorite part!
Isn't this plushie wonderful! The two sets of arms are what make it!!


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    1. This set is just right up my alley - the bookshelf! The gnomes! And all that crochet color! I really love your Friday link posts :)

    2. oh my gosh! that cat & owl friends story is amazing! and the cat looks so regal! totes adorbs!

    3. Crocheting isn't hard! Just do it! Believe in yourself!

    4. I am absolutely smitten with those gnomes! I happen to have some acorn tops laying around.. I feel some inspiration coming along :)

    5. oh man! that owl and pussy cat is THE most adorable friendship ever!!!!!! awww!
      And crocheting is so easy! i am in the process of making a granny square afghan right now. If you google/youtube crocheting you could DEFINITELY teach yourself! Youtube has some great instructional videos!

    6. Those boots are Justin Ropers (lace-up style). I must be really vintage if these are now being touted as vintage :)

      I used to be a bartender in a cowboy bar although I wasn't into the scene I always loved those boots. I still have a brown pair and a black pair. Super duper comfy too! Here is a link:

    7. Oh My Goodness--- I have those boots. Salvation Army, man :)

    8. i was going to say the same thing as Isabella up there ^...i learned how to crochet from youtube. there are several "chanels" that go slow and give great instruction....i learn by watching so maybe it will work for you. you friday favorites make my friday morning...its the first thing i look at when i get to work....shh dont tell. <3

    9. I LOVE that monkey flip flop fellow!!! and those gnomes in the acorn hats are DARLING!!!!
      Have a wonderful Friday and a beautiful weekend!!!

    10. Girl, you are so craft, I'm sure you could pick up crocheting quickly. (And quickly become obsessed)

      I love that toilet paper roll art. That is so cool. I would love to make a ton of them and glue them together to make a giant piece of art

    11. that ring is beautiful! so simple and elegant..i love keys.

      make sure you stop by and enter to win my little life spelled jen giveaway

    12. love all those crochet pillows and throws! the wooden forest critters! so cute!


    13. Thanks for posting the link from Little Dear Tracks, the gnomes with acorn hats. The diorama in the photo is a free papercraft!!! I printed mine on magnetic paper...

    14. I always look forward to these posts. You find so many nice things - too many to commnent on! I want to learn to crochet too (:

    15. Crocheting isn't really that hard. I learned it myself with on-line tutorials. Just try! It's really fun ^^

    16. Loved this "episode" of Friday Favorites! I have a few prints from Berkley Illustrations, and I've been eyeing up the cats-in-tshirts one for months. I think it may be time to buy. :)

    17. I always love your friday favorites!

      PS crocheting isn't as hard as it seems! You should check out "The Happy Hooker", it's a book by the same woman who wrote the "Stitch n' bitch" series of knitting books. It's really easy to understand and I learned how to crochet pretty quickly. If I can do it you can do it! =]

    18. thanks for the feature!! :D I always love your favorites posts. you find the best stuff!

    19. lol this weeks friday favorites is just grand! that flip flop monkey blew my mind! but you melted my heart with the kittys in shirts and the kitty with the owl. thanks for the good start to my saturday!

    20. I love everything!!!
      You're familiar with the poem the owl and the pussycat? I would hope so at least. If you aren't it shall be your new favorite!
      Also, if you want to learn how to crochet head over to because they have a really simple video tutorial!

    21. I have those EXACT red boots, from ebay. They're awesome.

      ^ me wearing them on halloween.

    22. These all all such beautiful finds ^_^
      I really need that shelf in my life!

    23. aw, the artist who does those kitties is one of my faves! I love her cat all dressed up handsome, so cute!!

      the circus video is cute, but I wonder if the kitties like it, and if they are happy, just like with any circus :(



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