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Craft Room Close Ups.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

After clearing out some fabric in my destash shop I felt inspired to organize! All it took was some moving around of small items to make my craft room feel new again.
I've got a busy day with my iron and some interfacing so I must be going. Have a great day!

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25 thoughts

  1. Your craft room is so colorful and inspirational! Love the little owl bits. I hope to have one as nice as yours one day..apartment hunting with a pad with a third bedroom just for a craft/office space ;)

  2. its so lovely!!! makes me feel like organising!

  3. Those owl jars are rad. In my next house, a craft room is a MUST.

  4. Dear lovely, lovely, lovely, inspirational Kaylah.
    I came across your MOST AMAZING blog this morning.
    It's now almost 3pm where I live and I haven't left your fact...I was supposed to finish an essay, but I was so distracted by your AWESOMNESS, I only just finished my essay...(it's something that should have been done in an hour)

    I am absolutely blown away by you.
    You have SUCH talent.
    Your love for all animals amazes me (I am a number one cat lover too)
    AND, you are absolutely beautiful.
    And you seem like a really, really, really awesome person.
    I am so so so so glad and joyful to have come across such a lovely, inspirational blogger!


  5. ohh nice! i am redoing my sewing room right now so this is great :)

  6. Your owls are awesome and I love all your fabric!

  7. Your blog has been on my blog list for a long time, I like to visit here and check out your projects. Today's photo's are a perfect example of why this is a pleasing place to visit. Your photos are art, you don't uses the standard depth-of-field most people use when they take snaps of things, you control your DOF which makes your photos interesting. I could gush on, but I won't. Thanks for sharing.

  8. i love your craft room! at the moment I live in a studio apartment so i have a "craft area" but a whole room is a definite dream of mine!
    those owl containers are adorable!!

  9. You should take a look at my craft room, it's totaly empty! I have all my stuff in a wardrobe, but I think that's gonna change soon. Thanks for the inspiration♥

  10. your craft room looks like heaven and i want to be in there right now making stuff!!! AWESOME!


  11. Everything looks so cute! I'm in love with the owls-as-colored-pencil-holders in the top photo. Very adorable.

  12. So much after my heart. Especially the owls and those baby blues.

  13. Very nice. I love the little sewing machine! :)

  14. ooh so many cute things! your cat is lovely :)

  15. These pics make me squeal alil bit! (in the same way as when you see a super cute kitten or something, haha) So much lovelyness!! If I ever have enough room for a craft room I'd be happy if it was even half as cute as yours! :)
    x Beth

  16. i love all your owls (:
    very jealous.

  17. Scout and Anne, thank you guys so so so much! Comments like that make my day!

  18. You have so much fabric! I only wish I had such a great collection! Wowee! At least you're organized too! =]

  19. your life is so colourful and vibrant!

    p.s. your little sewing buddy here is adorable. what kind of kitten is s/he

  20. I like your decor and your cat has the best facial expression!

  21. *uploading kitty nip for your sweet little sewing buddy*

    She's absolutely adorable!


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