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Sunday, August 08, 2010

This little finger biter is....FOREVER MINEEEE! All his tests came back negative! I am beyond relieved. I'm so glad I was able to rescue this beautiful little guy and give him a forever home.

I didn't bring him upstairs last night, just to give the other three one more night alone. Now he's coming up stairs for short periods of supervised time.

Leaf was the first to pay him any attention. He walked right over and started sniffing. He didn't growl, or hiss at all. He was just making all these little tiny noises at him, like talking and trying to figure out what the kitty was. Their not buddies yet, but I'm positive Leaf will be the first one to warm up to him. Maybe it's because Leaf was the third addition to our family and he knows what it feels like to be the odd cat out. Whatever the case I'm really proud of Leaf for being sweet to the kitten because we know someone else wasn't...

Doctor Octopus, I knew this guy would cause problems. He didn't pay much attention to the Professor at first, then he started sneaking up and hissing. He's currently mad at everyone else in the house as well. Poor baby Doc, I hope he gets over this soon and realizes we aren't replacing him and he's still (and always will be) my favorite little white and gray cat. 

And Squid, not quite sure how she's feeling. She would rub noses with the kitten then she'd hiss, rub noses again and hiss. She looks so curious in the photo above, or maybe more like she's thinking "WHAT?!" (And look, I actually got a cute picture of Squid! GO ME!)

Thank you all for the well wishes for Professor Stingray. I'm so glad he's healthy.

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