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abandoned in New York

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

For Valentine's Day Jeff and I took a spur of the moment trip to Rochester, New York. On Friday morning he sent me a text asking me to ask my mom, who was at our apartment, if she'd be willing to take Klaus home with her when she left. I knew that meant we were taking a weekend trip so I asked "Where are we running away to?" He responded with a screenshot of a hotel reservation in Rochester. That's my kind of Valentine's Day present!

Since we met we've been taking annual trips up to Rochester. (2014 + 2015) Each time previous had been with friends, and only for the day. Last year we weren't able to find a time when everyone was able to go and subsequently missed the opportunity. We're both fairly smitten with Rochester. Jeff, especially, had been itching to get back as soon as possible. It's very reminiscent of Cleveland so it's kind of like being at home but with lots of new things to explore. We left without a plan but armed with cameras - the way any good trip starts.

Saturday was spent aimlessly wandering around the city on foot. We woke up fairly early Sunday with hopes of getting the abandoned subway again, and finding some abandoned buildings to shoot. I felt a little uncomfortable with the subway since for the first time it was actually fenced off, and seemed to be under construction. We opted to hit one building we had found during our last visit and then hit the road since the weather was icky. On our way home we stopped in Buffalo, a city filled with abandoned buildings that for some reason we never have any luck getting into. Well, the Buffalo curse was finally broken.

Despite getting two spots that weekend, one of which was a maaajor highlight for both of us, I didn't end up with very many photos that I absolutely loved. The ones I am happy with I couldn't bare to just tuck away in a folder so what you get is a mix of photos from the two buildings.

abandoned rochester, abandoned, new york,
abandoned, church, buffalo, new york
abandoned rochester
graffiti, roa rochester, ROA mural

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what i wore

what I wore : green + pink

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

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green hair, the dainty squid, cleveland, fashion blog, banned clothing
green hair, the dainty squid, outfit of the day, fashion blog, cleveland blogger
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maroon shoes, flats, what I wore

glasses - Louise via Warby Parker
dress - floral halterneck dress c/o Blue Banana (also on Amazon in more sizes!)
belt - thrifted
shoes - Modcloth

I am madly in love with the combination of light pink and green. Actually light pink is kind of my jam right now. I just looked over at my right hand where I have on the rose gold Apple watch, my mouse is resting on a pink mouse pad and I can see my Kindle which has a case of the same color. I haven't fallen so hard for a color in my life. I'm not sure what it is but I think it's probably partially because it goes with my hair so nicely and since this hair color doesn't seem to be going anywhere soon (despite the "Is that for St. Patrick's Day" comments that make me want to rip it all out) I guess it's a good thing I've fallen for a color that compliments it so well.

Hope you're having a lovely week.

project 365

project 365 : days 44 - 50

Monday, February 20, 2017

44 : 365 I went digging in my box of photobooth strips for my Valentine's Day post. There were so many that I wanted to share. I really liked this one from back in 2014. The abundance of solo photobooth strips I have make me want to get back into the habit. I think I'll really enjoy looking at them in a few years. I already could spend ages poring over that box, I should add to it more often.

45: 365 A peek at my Valentine's Day outfit.
pin from Daisy Natives.

46 : 365 Beautiful yellow roses from a dude who did not blow it.
The candle is from The Candle Creative. You get to choose from a bunch of different designs by awesome artists and then choose your scent from there. So you can pick out the one with the cutest design, and still get the scent you want! This bad boy is hot fudge and it's heavenly!

47 : 365 A+ Marshall's score!

48 : 365 I took a handful of photos for a living room sneak peek post that'll go up later this week. I really enjoy this view from the kitchen into the living room.

49 : 365 We had some majorly warm weather hit Ohio over the weekend. Jeff and I decided to make the most of it by taking a drive to shoot some photos. On our way to another spot I found word of this one online so we added it to the agenda. It worked out perfectly because we got to park the car at a park, get a geocache, and then hike to this. Definitely worth the trip.

50 : 376 Another day of warm weather!

Hope your week is off to an awesome start.

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