The fifth round of limited edition pouches are available today.

You guys, I am SO excited about this batch!!! They are weird, and they are wonderful! There were originally only three prints. I know I mentioned it before but package was stolen directly out of my mailbox. I'm still feeling equal parts violated and like I got the last laugh. I'm sure whoever stole it felt pretty darn stupid when they opened it up to see denture print fabric staring back at them.  I'm guessing the fabric is laying in an alley somewhere because seriously, what else would they do with it?! ANYWAY once I reordered the fabric and received it I was just so in love with it I knew I had to expand the collection and get two more prints made.

There are five different prints, and three different sizes. It's really hard for me to pick a favorite of the bunch. I am awfully fond of the tooth related pouches one though. They're definitely going to appeal to a niche market but I enjoy being able to make things that are completely my style. Hope you like them too!

The pouches are available for purchase here! Just like the past collections, these are limited edition. There is a very small number of the larger pouches since they use up so much fabric. I wouldn't hesitate if you're interested in grabbing one. Once these ones are gone, they won't be restocked and the fabric won't be reprinted.

PS. If you purchase one of these or one from any previous collection - I wanna see pictures! Tag me on instagram or even shoot me an email. 

PPS.  If you have any suggestions for future collections, I am all ears!

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Every April people across the world pledge to bike every day of the month. I participated this April and despite kind of hating it a little bit (snow, rain, blah, blah, blah) it was really good for me. I got a lot of exercise and in general felt really really good about myself and what I had accomplished. During that month myself and a group of friends were attacked by a large group of young men. No one was seriously injured and they weren't able steal anything from us but something felt different after that incident. I managed to make it through the rest of the month but since then have fallen victim to my own anxiety. I've barely ridden my bike all summer. I've actually spent my summer more cooped up than I'd like to admit.

You know what? I'm sick of it. I am so sick of letting this anxiety control my life. I miss my bike. Riding my bike is when I feel most free. It's when I feel strongest. It's when I feel in control. I'm taking it back. I'm taking my summer back.

Every day in the month of September I am going to ride my bike. Rain, or shine ...or anything else wacky Ohio weather might throw my way. I'm not going to let fear control my life. I'm shooting for 125 miles total which should be no sweat considering thats just over 4 miles a day.

I'm posting this a day early so you have time to fix your flats, take care of any maintenance your bike may need and get psyched up because I'd like to encourage you ride with me in spirit this month*. I will forever be trying to convince people get back on bicycles because I promise you it's more fun than you realize. You don't have to commit to riding every day of the month if you don't want, just a ride or two!

 *Or in person! If you're in Cleveland and would like to ride together sometime during the month - shoot me an email! I'm always down to ride (and get ice cream) with new people!

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234 : 365 The sleepiest puppy.

 235 : 365 Jeff and I went to my parents house to celebrate my dad's birthday. We hiked down the creek looking for critters, played with the foxes, and ate lots of tasty food!

  236 : 365 Finished up the next batch of limited edition pouches. They'll be available for purchase on September 1st. I am SO excited.

  237 : 365 Wish I could photograph this awesome print from Moorea Seal in front of a real cactus but this neat-o wall will have to do.

  238 : 365 The sweetest little toasted marshmallow.

239 : 365 Thumb, meet cactus.

Also, look at these two! Professor and Squid aren't very cuddly toward each other (with me is another story!) so to even catch this is super special.

240 : 365 A pumpkin steamer from one of my favorite spots in Cleveland. I've finally started working on a post that includes a list of all my favorite places in the city. I've basically been copy and pasting the same list to everyone that emailed me asking for suggestions these last few months so I finally was like wait, why am I not just pasting this into a post and then fixing it up from there. So I still have to snag a few photos but it's coming along well.

241 : 365 Jeff and I took the train downtown and walked around a while. I only took five photos but I did eat one of the best burgers of my life so I guess it's all good.

Hope you're having an excellent weekend!

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How incredible is this bedding set!?!?
 (via: Land of Nod)
Look at these glasses! Soooo awesome!
 (via: Modcloth)
I can't get over how pretty these necklaces are. You have to go view the close up photos!
 (via: Wild Air & Co)
Cat-tus pins! Those are basically my two favorite things!
Forever a sucker for a pretty notebook.
 (via: Moorea Seal)
 I'm not huge on oval plugs but I really really dig these ones. Opalite is just so darn pretty.
 (via: Mandie Kuo)
It's almost cozy sweater season!!!
 (via: Modcloth)
Okay, this is the best!
These might just be the most badass boots ever.
(via: Jessamity)

Link Love....
▴ I want one of everything from Toru & Naoko's shop. Such gorgeous lingerie!
▴Angie from SilverSpoon London always shares really awesome spots on her blog but I was browsing her instagram last week and ...just wow! Just look at this hotel!
▴ Love love love these alien nail decals.
▴ Oh? What's that? More washi tape that I want to cover all my outgoing mail in? Yep. I'm down to only a few rolls of solid tape so basically every time I come across some I'm like "well...I mean...I need it for packages..."
This is such a cute, simple watch. I feel like it'd look really nice with the boots pictured above.

Happy Friday!

Ps. Don't forget to browse my Everyday Favorites if you want to see more fun finds!

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