283 : 365 Some recently pressed plants.
284 : 365 My fancy pants bike lights. More on these very soon!
285 : 365 Some puppy who wishes he could go see mewithoutYou too.
286 : 365 One of my family's favorite pastimes is shooting weird knickknacks my dad gets in dollar auction box lots with BB guns. One of our latest victims was a creepy baby doll. Inside I found these! I had no idea that's what baby doll eyes looked like but I LOVE them! Kind of interested in collecting them now.
 287 : 365 Stitched up a cute little constellation using one of Miniature Rhino's kits! As well as having kits, and custom items, Jessica also has some classes on Craftsy including one on hand embroidery if you want to learn!
288 : 365 North Chagrin Reservation.
More photos from this hike here.
289 : 365 The productivity manager here at The Dainty Squid, clearly a bit concerned.

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Woaaaah, that is one good looking chair!
I've always liked the idea of having a mirror like this, but one with cat ears is just way too cute. 
Perfect mug? Sure is!
 (via: Cherry Pie Lane)
Ah! How cute are these fanny packs!?
 (via: Merrimaking)
Love the pattern on this dress.
 (via: Modcloth)
Such a gorgeous bracelet.
 (via: Praxis Jewelry)
Love this scarf. It even comes in two other color combos as well!
Well if this isn't the cutest place setting...
 (via: Yvonne Ellen)
Always and forever a fan of quirky socks.
 (via: Modcloth)
Oh my goodness, this ring! Holy smokes. Opal is so beautiful.

Hope you're having an amazing Friday!

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A while back, on my six month in Cleveland anniversary, I visited a new to me abandoned building. So needless to say, I've been holding on to these photos while I tried my hardest to research more about the building. I'm finally throwing in the towel. I can't seem to find much at all. This is an abandoned factory that did metal plating, aside from that I have no dates or history. It was still an interesting building, and I'm rather pleased with my photos so here they are...
All the machinery has been removed since this place closed its doors but the upstairs offices have tons of paperwork, books, and records strewn about. That kind of stuff is always my favorite but I am always curious who was the one to make such a mess in these places. Was it a former employee trying to prove a point before he left the place for the last time? Young kids just having fun making a mess? I mean, you can't deny it would be fun to just go nuts in place like that, let out a little steam.

PS. If you're as curious as I was when I first saw it, that "hot!!!" file tab literally had nothing exciting in it. I was hoping for juicy office gossip, or maybe some nudie pictures (we found some fairly graphic ones in another part of the building!) but it was just regular old paper work! Booooring.

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Last week I spent one afternoon hiking with my pal Anthony. Fall in Ohio is so insanely beautiful. It was such a great day for a hike. Perfect weather, the colors all seem to be peaking, plus it had been raining for nearly a week straight beforehand so mushrooms were abound!
The mushrooms were great but the find of the day had to be that wood frog. I don't think I've actually ever seen one, or maybe if I have it wasn't such a vibrant color. Of course, since I didn't know much about them Anthony, who teaches over at CSU, went into full on teacher mode and told me alllll about them. Did you know that the male wood frogs' call sounds like a quack? Or that they're extremely freeze tolerant? In the winter they hibernate in leaf litter or soil close to the surface. They're able to survive freezing the whole winter then just thaw out in the spring. Isn't that super incredible?

Pssst. Prints available on Society6

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