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Love, Anji giveaway

Monday, December 05, 2016

I have a super fun giveaway for you this morning! A little over a year ago my friend, Anji, opened up a brand new store front for her paper flower business, aptly named Love, Anji. I helped out a bit on opening day and since then I've been working a day a week at the shop; making flowers and helping customers pick out the perfect arrangement. I'm excited to share with you guys a little bit more about Anji's awesome business and where I spend a chunk of my time, as well as give you the chance to win a gift card so you can get some flowers of your own!

In 2012, Anji was getting married and needed an alternative to fresh flowers because she's allergic to most. She had always liked making things so making the flowers for her wedding was right up her alley! She made a ton of roses for her bouquet, her husband Jake's boutonniere, and even the centerpieces. They were a hit! Six months later she was selling flowers at local markets and three months after that she opened up a small flower stand in 5th Street Arcades. In September of 2015 she opened up her first real store front in the same building which is when things really started to blossom! Ba-dum tisssss. 

All the flowers in the shop are designed by Anji, and made in the Cleveland area by her and a handful of employees (myself included!) We use cardstock, Italian crepe paper, and German crepe paper. If you'd like something a little more personal, we can even use papers with sentimental value like invitations (weddings, baby showers, birthdays, etc) or book pages! At the shop, we have bouquets wrapped in tissue and in vases ready to go or you can create your own arrangement. Pick out the flowers you like, select a vase and fill it with crushed glass, then add some greenery! Of course, if you're not local Love, Anji has a website where you can do essentially the same thing!

Some areas in hospitals don't allow patients to have fresh flowers so paper flowers make a great gift for a loved one in the hospital. They're also beyond perfect for your first anniversary - the "paper anniversary"! You never have to water them, and they stay fresh for a heck of a lot longer than real flowers. Whenever people come in the store and talk about what a neat idea they are I always respond with "Yeah, and they last forever!" Although, one time a little boy was in the store with his family and his response to that was "Not unless I light them on fire!" So, yeah, unless a sweet little pyromaniac gets a hold of them, they'll last forever!

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Anji has some big plans for next year including flower making classes. You should definitely stop by and see us some time in downtown Cleveland!

Just to make it easy on ya, here's the address! ;) 
530 Euclid Avenue - Suite 20
Cleveland, Ohio 44115

friday favorites

Friday Favorites #392

Friday, December 02, 2016

I'm not sure what we'll need in the new apartment so buying really anything before actually moving would be silly but that doesn't stop me from drooling over rugs. I'm loving this one!
Always a sucker for sweaters with elbow pads!
LOVE this phone case.
(via: Paper Source)
When we were in Savannah Jeff wanted to stop in the lululemon store. I don't know anything about work out clothes but I do know a good backpack when I see one. I spotted this baby from across the store and dashed over. It's just a plain black bag but it's so beautiful in person.
(via: lululemon)
 I was working on addressing my holiday cards earlier this week and was kind of embarrassed at how sloppy I write without lines to guide me. This addressing guide is basically the best idea ever.
(via: Paper Source
Totally wouldn't be able to wear these until next year in Ohio because it's so cold and icky outside now but I adore these shoes! Strappy black flats go with everything. 
 (via: Amazon)
This has to be some of the prettiest soap ever.
(via: Bloomingdale's)
I definitely picture a wall lamp like this next to the bed in my new apartment.
(via: Urban Outfitters)
As if I didn't love this opossum pin enough, the person who made it titled it "trash baby". SO stinken cute. I know it's not the popular opinion but I think opossums are adorable. At the apartment we looked at before finding out about the one the guy who owned it was all "I gotta warn you we have a bit of an opossum problem in the backyard." and in my head I was like "PERFECT!"
(via: Tenacious Bee
I don't think I'll stop obsessing over gold glasses until I have a pair of my own. I'm loving this pair from Coastal.
(via: Coastal)
Crushing on this desk BIG TIME.
(via: Jeremiah Collection)
Pizza, peach, mushrooms! Cute socks that are 3 pairs for $20!
(via: Urban Outfitters
It's time to officially start thinking about 2017 calendars! I'm loving this one

Link love...
The ultimate gift for the cat lady in your life - a custom pet portrait knit sweater.
Aaaadorable striped pajamas. Surprisingly not black and white, as you'd expect from me.
Do you text your mother with those fingers?
Love this strappy bralette!
▴ Obsessed with this coat. It looks like it'd be warm and still manage to look cute with a dress. 
▴ I'm about due for new keyboard decals. Love these ones!

Happy Friday!!

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life lately : apartment update

Thursday, December 01, 2016

This last month the only thing I've been able to think about is moving. It's basically all I talk about, and it's definitely all I dream about. I've had multiple nightmares where we move in and the claw foot tub is missing. Hah! I'm currently in the beginning process of packing. My last move I packed everything in one day. This time I figured since it's an option, I might as well get a head start. I've been boxing all the non-essentials like knick-knacks, books, and movies. I'm not crazy about living alongside random boxes but slowly packing has given me the opportunity to really evaluate what I need keep and what I don't. I LOVE getting rid of things. It feels awesome.

Sooo, the new apartment! Let me tell you all about it and why we aren't already living there! My landlords, a sweet husband and wife team, bought a house that needed completely gutted. Both units were available when she first told us about the house but we were particularly interested in the upstairs. Living in the city I feel much more secure on the second story. The downstairs unit was completely finished but the upstairs is still in the works. I wasn't quite sure what to expect. My current apartment is nice but there are lots of little things I definitely wouldn't choose for myself. The carpet is weird, and the paint colors are... interesting. These clearly aren't things that would stop me from renting though, especially in the perfect location.

The plan was she'd show us the downstairs unit to give us an idea of what to expect and then we'd go check out the layout of the upstairs unit to see if we'd like it. The second we walked in I was just kind of in shock. Jeff was immediately exclaiming how much he loved the kitchen backsplash and I wasn't even sure what to comment on first! My mind was basically already made up within minutes that I wanted to live there. We toured the downstairs unit with mouths agape. It was GORGEOUS. They did an amazing job!

My landlord seemed kind of reluctant to show us the upstairs. I think she was afraid of scaring us off. Basically at the time of us viewing it it was no different than any abandoned house I'd ever been in. If she only knew we hang out in places like that for fun. Heh! They showed us around and told us about all the things they were working on up there. Like I mentioned in the post when I announced this move, I was so excited it's all a blur. I can recall the general layout but the details aren't there which considering the state it was in is probably for the best. Before the tour was even over I announced "We're movin' in!"

Sooo, yeah, Jeff and I are getting completely re-done apartment exactly where we want to live within the city. It's still so hard to believe. I feel like at any second something could go wrong or that I completely overlooked some huge deal breaker just because it's so perfect. When we went to see the place they estimated it would 4-6 weeks until it was finished, which puts our moving date anywhere from here to December 12th. To further corroborate this date, when my apartment that I'm living in now was listed on craigslist it said "available December 15th".

It's basically taking every single ounce of self control for me to not constantly text my landlord for updates. It was finally too much for me to handle and I reached out to see how it was going on Sunday. She said they had made lots of progress and that it was really starting to look like a home. It sounds like all the really hard work - drywall, electrical, etc - is done and now it's time to paint and get the appliances in there.

I wish I had photos to share in this post of the new place but obviously, I really have no idea what it's looking like right now either. You can count on seeing photos as soon as we the keys, which hopefully shouldn't be too far off.

In other moving related news, I sold my lockers a couple weekends ago. When I bought them I knew they'd never move with me. They were incredibly difficult to get up my stairs, and as awesome as they were I hated that they were so heavy. I'm huge on rearranging furniture and it just wasn't possible to move them around. Getting rid of them made this move feel even more real especially since I was kind of worried they'd sit on craigslist for a while. I was sad to see them go but happy to have sold them for the same price I bought them for. They were perfect for this apartment. Maybe there will be space in the new apartment for a much smaller set of lockers. They're sooo nice for storage. 

So yeah, that's where I'm at right now. I kind of feel like I'm in a weird limbo state. I'm very, very excited to move but also obviously, quite nervous. I can't wait to finally put a date on this whole ordeal and start the process for real.

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