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project 365 : days 12 - 20

Monday, January 23, 2017

12 : 365 I was going to caption this "one of my favorite plants". Who am I kidding though?! Everything in this apartment is one of my favorites. Before moving I purged my plant collection. I gave away everything that I wasn't crazy about or that I knew wouldn't survive without summers outside. I still have a ton of plants but every one of them is a favorite.

13 : 365 Just my puppy dog enjoying the sunshine that pours into the living room.

14 : 365 This? This is Professor laying in a pot full of dirt. My little dirt kitten. The cats always hide when people come over. On this occasion someone came out to fix our internet and this is where my genius cat decided to "hide". After the internet was fixed Jeff and I ran to Ikea - a whole day excursion - and when we got back Professor was STILL snoozing in his dirt bed. As I've mentioned a bunch of times in the past, neither of the cats have ever bothered my plants so I'm kind of surprised at this choice of a place to catch some z's.

15 : 365 Twirling! Find the full outfit details + more photos here.

16 : 365 That's just a suggestion, right?

17 : 365 Sooo Klaus and I were shooting a photo for Milk-Bone and their brushing chews (which help clean your pup's teeth!) when my treat obsessed little cat came rocketing over because any bag crinkling is definitely for him, of course! I just kept shooting as Professor barged his way into our shot and ended up capturing this photo which nearly made me fall over with laughter. Professor wanted those chews SO badly. I wish I could have turned this in as my final photo. "Treats so tasty even the cat wants them!" Hehe!

18 : 365 One of the shelves in my office. I'm sure it'll get rearranged about fifteen more times before I settle exactly how I'd like it but it's pretty good for now.

19 : 365 I just finished reading Shrill by Lindy West. Dude. I LOVED IT. Highly, highly recommend checking that out.

20 : 365 Things currently on my desk. I'm super duper into these markers right now. I was browsing stationery items on Amazon and was suggested these marker pens. I read the reviews and was like "Oh. Okay. I need to own those!" I loooove them. They don't bleed through the page, the case they come in stands up which is way rad, and they make my list making even more fun than I already thought it was.

You can keep up with my Project 365 photos under the hashtag "project 365", of course!

friday favorites

Friday Favorites #399

Friday, January 20, 2017

Love love loooove this striped top! It looks like the kind of thing you can pair with just about anything and still feel a little dressed up.
(via: Modcloth
I almost bought these shoes the other day but stopped myself because I couldn't decide if I would wear them constantly or not at all. I've been trying to day dream up different outfits I could pair with them. Black and white striped dresses would definitely look great!
(via: Amazon)
Earlier in the week I found this candle at Marshalls. When I walked into the candle aisle I could smell coffee immediately. I eventually found the candle producing the smell and happily purchased it for $7.99 (maybe $8.99? Point being it was under ten!) It's literally one of the best candles I have EVER smelled. I went online to grab a few more only to find that they're a lot more expensive. If you live near a Marshalls (and like the smell of coffee) go track down this candle RIGHT NOW. Or just purchase it online, it's honestly worth the price.
(photo by me, candle by Makers of Wax Goods)
 I know I've featured Zak Foster's quilts before but whenever I'm browsing their photos always catch my eye!
 (via: Zak Foster)
This embroidered notebook is the bee's knees!
This shelf is kind of the best.
I'm in the process of searching for things for the bulletin board (...which I still have yet to purchase) in my new office and this patch seems pretty perfect!
 (via: Cat Coven)
Since I've been drinking so much coffee and tea lately (something I did none of a few years ago) I've been looking into those really dorky mugs that change when you pour a hot beverage in them. I kind of feel like I should have a collection of them. This climate change mug is pretty cool. 
(via: Amazon
Exactly the sugar I want to put in my tea! So darn cute! (They also offer colorful sugar skulls if that more your thing!)
 (via: Dem Bones)
Love this print.
(via: Snoogs & Wilde)
Modcloth is having a huge sale right now! Up to 70% off!
 (via: Modcloth)
 Yes, please! I would gladly add this head to my collection.
 (via: Sergeant Sailor)

Link love...
▴ Five pairs of ridiculously cute dog socks (that are also super cheap and somehow still have great reviews!)
▴ This cactus swim suit is adorable!
▴ I kind of have a color crush, like everything I've been attracted to and end up purchasing is this color. Baby pink. Who am I?! I don't even know but I do know that I found a baby pink saucepan and I need it.
▴ Total heart eyes for this backpack.
▴These coasters that can be made into a cactus when not in use are so clever!

Happy Friday!!

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what i wore

what I wore : owl get the hang of it

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

what I wore, polka dot skirt,
punky colours, jerome russell
green hair, cleveland, fashion blog, what I wore
cleveland fashion blog, green hair, polka dot skirt
blue banana, green hair, cleveland fashion blog
dachshund, flats

glasses - Louise via Warby Parker
sweater - Elsa Jumper c/o Blue Banana (also on Amazon with more sizes!)
skirt -  Modcloth (similar)

My blogging schedule since moving has been... erratic, to say the least. December was kind of a mess for me. I was so anxious to move that I had a hard time concentrating on anything. I constantly felt behind in my work, and was so looking forward to getting the move over with. I somehow thought that once I moved things would just fall into place but I'm definitely still struggling to establish routine here. Owl get the hang of it soon though, don't you worry! I finally got my office mostly in order last night, that should definitely help.

Jeff and I were both nervous about moving in together. I mean, we've been dating for nearly three years now but we're both people who truly treasure our alone time. As much as I felt like it was a little lonely living by myself at times, I was worried about having to share my space again. Our new apartment is honestly the perfect space for us though. It's not huge but the way it's laid out makes it perfect for just squirreling yourself away and chilling. The fact that we each get our own office is a godsend! It's also ridiculously soundproof too. His office isn't that far away from mine, and I know he listens to his music really loud but I can't hear a thing! Anyway the point of that was that even though I had planned to squirrel away in my office and work my tail off, I've been having a hard time pulling myself away from settling in, and making this place ours. Also, cuddling! Cuddling takes up a lot of my time now that the four creatures I like to cuddle live in the same house.

I am really happy these days. I couldn't have even dreamed of it being this much fun to finally share a space with Jeff.  I'm trying really hard to get back into a routine where I spent a good chunk of my day typing out words for you to read but sometimes it's just more fun to sit on the couch, watch American Pickers, and try not to happy cry about the fact my pets are finally becoming real friends. I sure hope your 2017 is off to as equally wonderful start.

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