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what I wore : covered in cactus

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

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sunglasses - TJ Maxx
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shoes - Black Sandals via Modcloth

As if I wasn't going to eventually own this dress! It's covered in cactus, and y'all know I feel about cactus. Not to mention the fact the name of the dress, The Blogger the Better, is almost like they're subtly poking fun at the fact that errrry blogger out there is going be posting photos of themselves in it. I've got no shame in my cactus game though! Seriously, look at my plants. They're cute cutest.

Can't say I wasn't hesitant because of the mixed reviews and the fact that it was backless. I hate strapless bras, and my girls are too big for me to go without. Just glancing at the product photos I didn't realize that it had a built in bra. It's surprisingly structured! There was even a photo from this set where I was like "daaaang girl, looking fiiiiiine!" I didn't include it though because it was an obviously gratuitous boob photo. Haha! The second I put it on I knew it was a keeper. This dress is amaaaazing. It's a little late in the season but I found the perfect summer dress.

Hope you're having a lovely day!

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Acadia National Park

Monday, August 22, 2016

Park Loop Road

After Old Bennington Cemetery Jeff and I continued on our route to Maine. The second big stop of the trip was going to be Acadia National Park. While researching I had read a post somewhere written by a park ranger that if you only had one day in the park you should do Park Loop Road so that was our plan. We have a pretty bad habit of not giving ourselves enough time in National Parks and this time was no exception. But hey, visiting for only a few hours is better than never visiting at all, right?

One half of the loop is one way traffic and the other half is two way. We ended up taking the two way traffic route, getting to the bottom, and realizing that the one way traffic half of the loop was in the opposite direction of what we were heading. We were already tired from being in the car all day, not to mention the fact that traffic was pretty bad on the way into the park. No phone service coupled with poor signage meant it took a very long time for us to find our way back into the loop at the top. I wasn't even sure if we'd end up trying to do it again just because we had wasted so much time. Eventually we made it in, the correct way, and the beautiful scenery was so worth it.

Our first stop in the park was Thunder Hole, a natural inlet where waves crash in with a thunderous boom. We didn't actually get to see Thunder Hole because holy tourist city!! but the surrounding area was everything I dreamed Arcadia would be. It was beautiful! Just like the Grand Canyon*, I was kind of surprised how you were just allowed to go wherever you wanted. Some parks are so strict, do not leave the path, but following the lead of just about everyone around us we climbed around on the rocks for a while.

Thunder Hole, NP, Maine, Acadia

After finally making our way around the loop successfully we kiiiind of got trapped inside and made a second full loop. D'oh! Jeff was beyond tired, and we were both ready to just check into our hotel (an hour and a half away!) and sleep but what are ya gonna do?

On our accidental second trip around we stopped at Sand Beach which was just stupid beautiful. I was squatting down to get some shots of the waves when one completely soaked by butt. The water was pretty cold but I couldn't resist getting the rest of myself wet. The waves were crashing in so I stood in water, about knee deep, and let them hit me. It was perfect. I could have done it hours.

Acadia National Park, maine, acadiaAcadia National Park, passport stamp, np passport

So, Acadia NP could probably label their routes better. I'm sure we're not the first people to make that mistake, but Park Loop Road is a great way to experience the park when you're short on time.

*Obviously this is a lot less risky than climbing around at the Grand Canyon but I'm pretty sure it'd still be super easy to get hurt here climbing around. 

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Friday Favorites #378

Friday, August 19, 2016

These glasses are the cutest. They also come in pink!
 (via: GlassesShop)
This blanket! So darn pretty!
 (via: MinkaInHouse)
Strappy black flats are my favorite. They match everything! This red pair is pretty fabulous too!
 (via: Modcloth)
This embroidery pattern is the cutest. Do any of y'all have an axolotl? They're so neat looking, they don't even look real.
 (via: Some Rabbits)
This probably sounds weird but I'm really looking forward to the weather cooling off just so I can wear pretty socks again instead of plain black short ones.
 (via: goodpair)
This handbag!!
These sheets will be mine.
 (via: Jonathan Neon)
LOVE this print!
 (via: Carolyn Gavin)
I'm not even a huge pretzel fan but I can't deny how adorable these balloons are. 
Just a cute little polka dot dress
(via: Modcloth)
Always drawn to interesting mirrors, this one is no exception.

Link love...
Too Much Sun - exactly how I feel about this summer.
▴ Love love love this vintage cat statue that has been painted in the raddest way!
▴ It's been a minute since I shared any pretty lingerie, but I think this set makes up for that!
▴ Do any of you guys have something to make rainbows in your home? Is that a weird question? I get a fair amount of light in the evening and would loooove to have rainbows in my bedroom. (Professor would totally love it too!) I was thinking of getting this but if anyone has something else they love I'd be interested to hear!

Happy Friday!!

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