Shortly after I first moved into my apartment I shared some photos of my curiosity cabinets. Six months have passed since then and of course, my collection has grown. My dining room, which lacks a table but houses my collection as well as Klaus' crate, is pretty darn awesome if you ask me. Since it's changed quite a bit since my first photos of it I thought it would be fun to share some updated photos. (Same with my living room, I'll be photographing that again soon since it's evolved since first sharing photos!)
A super quick Q+A of things that always get asked:
Where do you get all those things? Here and there! Estate sales, ebay, the trash (seriously...), and sometimes folks are even nice enough to send me things that would fit in my collection perfectly. Yes, I am totally interested in any dentures, or teeth you may find!
Did you kill all those butterflies? No way. I found all of them dead on the beach a few years back. Monarch butterflies migrate and sometimes they just don't make it. No idea what caused so many to die there that day but there were tons.
Do you clean your own skulls? I do.
What is in that jar? The jar in the second photos has Professor's testicles. I simply asked the vet when he was neutered if I could keep them. She happily handed them to me after his surgery. I also have Klaus'.
Below is a mold of my teeth after braces. I asked the orthodontist if I could get the original mold of my crooked teeth that they took right before I got my braces put on. He said he wasn't sure but would try. At my next appointment he excitedly told me he had the mold for me, I looked and it was of my new straight teeth. I'm still a little bummed I don't have a mold of my super crooked teeth but I guess having any mold of my teeth, straight or not is pretty cool. I also got to keep my braces, which you can see two pictures up.
I also have a handful of strange things that could definitely fit in this room scattered around the apartment. There is a shelf full of medical models in my bedroom that I'll tell you more about as soon as I get that room photographed for a little tour.

My apartment is pretty darn cute!

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One of many buildings we explored on our grand adventure day was formerly an auto parts store on the lower level with apartments upstairs. We've actually all been itching to hit small buildings as opposed to the big factory buildings. Factories are interesting, but normally they're pretty gutted. Scrappers have stolen anything and everything worth money, equipment is gone, and they're just big empty buildings. Small buildings are normally less ravaged in that sense. They have more things left in them, including personal items that help tell a story about the building's former life.

This place was FULL of stuff. The only other thing I had seen like it was at the Salton Sea. The floor was absolutely covered in the downstairs. You couldn't see the actual flooring at all. There were tons of stuffed animals, clothes, boxes, as well as miscellaneous papers. Surprisingly, it somehow didn't smell.

Ps. Did you spot the GIF?

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tank top - c/o The Home. T
shorts - Target
back pack - Lowepro
patch - Kimberlin Co.

Finally, an outfit that's a little bit more typical of what you'd see if you spotted me out and about including sweat, bike grease, and a ton of bruises! This is basically my biking uniform as of late. For a while I was dealing with the worst pain while biking, need I say more? I just could not get comfortable on my saddle. Most days I could deal with it, but it wasn't fun. There were even a few nights we had to call it quits early because I couldn't stand to sit on my bike longer. I bought a fancy new saddle built for ladies, which seemed to solve my problem for a few weeks then I started noticing it again. I finally gave in and decided to purchase the one thing I said I never would - bike shorts. I looked all around but couldn't find any that felt comfortable. Everything I tried was so weird and bulky. Plus they just looked like I was wearing a giant diaper. As a last resort I purchased these yoga shorts and wouldn't ya know it - they're perfect. My problem all along was the seam in my shorts, sitting on that for long periods of time is not comfortable. With these new shorts I feel like I could bike forever. Plus they're sleek enough that I could wear them under a dress if I decide to ride in one.

I guess this outfit isn't necessarily super cute but I feel really good in it. I'm still not sold on biking in a dress actually. Something about getting really sweaty in a dress doesn't feel right to me. Regardless if it's "stylish" or not, in this outfit I feel strong, which is the best. Riding in general makes me feel strong. On the day these were taken I hit 300 miles. That's more than I've ever biked in my whole life. Being active again feels amazing. Shoot, it's been since I was in middle school since I did anything "sporty"! It's incredible how great a little bit of physical activity will make you feel. 

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We found another abandoned church to explore. This one might not have been as typical of a church as the last one, but with a giant cross like that on the stage it's undeniable what it was used as last. The church was one of the handful of buildings from that day that none of us had explored yet. Somehow it managed to slip under everyone's radar for a while. Looking at it on satellite we could tell the roof was caved in in one of the corners but I certainly didn't expect to see so much growth inside. One of my favorite things to find in abandoned building are plants growing. It's incredible to see nature taking back over, especially to this extent.
There really wasn't much in there to explore, essentially it was just one giant room. Here's one with the boys to help show the size of this place. Giant empty building or not, this was still a super great find.

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