If you've been reading for a while then you know all about Elycia. She and I met through blogging back in 2011 and became instant best friends. She lives about four hours away, in Canada. We used to see each other around once a month but once her son, Milo, was born traveling wasn't as easy for them, and since I don't have my passport our visits became a lot more sporadic.

The week before last Elycia text and asked if I was free the next week because she wanted to come up and visit. YES! So last week I spent three days showing my favorite Canadians all around Cleveland. We ate like champions, stayed up late talking, and basically had the best three days ever catching up.

Even though it has been a while since I've done a while since I've done a photo an hour post for some reason whenever I'm around Elycia it always pops into my mind that I should do one. I missed a few hours but here's our first day back together again, broken down hour by hour.

7 am - Professor and I waiting for waiting for our house guests to wake up.
8 am - New art on my fridge from Milo!
9 am - Milo spying on my neighbors over breakfast.
10 am - We headed to Coventry. Milo enjoyed all the colorful benches, and talking to strangers. A man speaking broken English (he later explained he was Russian) approached us and told Milo he was going to teach him to "go fishing, drink beer, and smoke cigarettes." He repeated this multiple times. At first it was creepy but the guy kind of grew on me. He even showed us his cat tattoo after seeing the one on my thigh. In hind sight I should have gotten a photo of him.
11 am - The real reason for our trip to Coventry, visiting the photobooth at Big Fun, of course. Elycia and I can never resist the charm of the photobooth. We got four strips together.
1 pm - Just a real cool dude. When I put these shades on him I told him how cool he looked and instantly remembered how when I was little my aunt would let me wear her sunglasses. After she'd put them on me she'd give me a double thumbs up and tell me how cool I was. It was a memory I had completely forgotten about.
2 pm - Happy to have company, especially company who will reach under the couch to get all his "lost" tennis balls.
3 pm - Milo and some new pals. This was after Milo touched a dead fish. I cracked up, his parents weren't quite as amused. Haha.
5 pm - Three of my best buds!
6 pm - On Monday nights TownHall has an all vegan menu so it was our obvious dinner choice. We were seated outside at the cutest little table with cushy seats. Milo had a ball playing with a balloon.
...and then ten minutes later he looked like this.
7 pm - He slept all through dinner, even when we made silly glasses for him.
8 pm - But in true kid form, he woke up for ice cream. Mitchell's is one of my favorite ice cream spots in the city. They have a few vegan choices so once again, it was a must to take Elycia. She basically raved the whole rest of our time together that it was one of the best things she had ever tasted. Success!!

Yeah, it's nearly all photos of Milo in this post. He is the absolute sweetest. I just want to eat that kid up. It didn't take long at all for him to feel right at home in my apartment. We quickly became best buds. I miss him (and Elycia, and Ivan as well, obviously) already. Hopefully our visits are a lot less sporadic now!

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Just a quick post to pop in and say I updated my Society6 shop. I've added the photographs from the last batch of pouches. It's another way to get your hands on tangible items with these photos. I'm particularly fond of the tooth tote bag! That print was actually one of the first pouches to sell out. I even got a few emails from folks asking for a reprint of it, well here's your chance!

Today phone cases, mugs, and totes are 20% off!

Ps. If you have or ever do purchase anything from my society6 shop (or even one of my pouches!) I'd love to see photos! Feel free to email me or tag me on instagram @thedaintysquid.

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135 : 365 My cuttings are getting so big!
136 : 365 I bought a personal blender a little while back and it was seriously one of the best twenty bucks I've ever spent. I've consumed more fruit these last few months than ever before. It's excellent pre-bike ride fuel.
137 : 365 Evening bike ride with Jeff and Brandon which included a quick stop on the tracks to check out the sunset. They stood around while I snapped pictures and tried to pet a stray cat who wanted absolutely nothing to do with me.
138 : 365 My favorite Canadians drove in for a visit. I have so many more photos to share this coming week.
139 : 365 I am always excited by city mushrooms. Found these babies in a parking lot.
140 : 365 We got frozen yogurt at Piccadilly for the very first time. I had basically always avoided frozen yogurt because people kind of made it look gross. Gummy bears, chocolate chips, and frozen yogurt look disgusting together. Yuck.  But Piccadilly has tons of vegan options so it was the perfect place to take Elycia and her family. I ended up falling in LOVE. I cannot wait to go back. If you're near Cleveland, Piccadilly is a must!
141 : 365 A new plant I couldn't resist simply because I had never seen anything like it, 99 cent thrift store find that makes a perfect vase, and more new plants.
It was an excellent week, to say the least.

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Absolutely, positively need this shirt.
 (via: blackbird tees)
You guys, Treehotel in Sweden literally has some of the coolest places to stay ever. I would happily stay in any one of their seven rooms but the UFO has my heart. That's some bucket list material right there.
 (via: Treehotel)
 Easily one of the cutest door stoppers ever.
(via: Modcloth)
Hah! How cute is this chameleon necklace?!
 (via: designosaur)
I LOVE this tiny skull ring.
If I can't live in a beautiful home this style, at least my animals can, right?
 (via: HabiFab)
These prints by Nan Lawson are adorable. She has a handful available from different movies but I picked the two of my favorite movies.
 (via: Nan Lawson)
 (via: Modcloth)
Does anyone out there have a rainbow maker? Are they as awesome as they sound because I could use more rainbows in this place!
In the past year or so I've begun collecting signs, these two would be an awesome addition!

Link Love...
▴ Another Beetlejuice inspired print!
These plugs from Bandaru Organics are so pretty. Love the colors!
▴ The more I think about it the more I want a swing in my apartment.
▴ Eye love this phone case!
▴ If you ever wanted a dress covered in poop emojis - here it is!

Happy Friday!

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