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Moving to Lakewood was easily the best thing I've done for myself in...probably my whole life and that's not even hyperbole. These past nine months have been amazing. Lakewood is an adorable little area. There are tons of beautiful homes, bars, restaurants, and it's a very safe area. But the thing is, I feel like it's kind of missing something. Rather, it's not my perfect location. It was exactly what I needed as a country girl moving to the city, but I'm ready to move closer to the city now.*

When I first starting biking I did basically all my rides downtown, in Tremont, or in Ohio City. (I'm really sorry if you're not local and me naming areas means nothing to you!) But since gaining the confidence to bike alone I've been cruising around Lakewood by myself. I don't love it as much as biking in other Cleveland areas because we don't have a lot of graffiti or murals over here. I'm sure if you've been reading my blog for any amount of time you've noticed I love taking photos of my bike in front of pretty walls. It combines a handful of things I love; graffiti, bikes, and photography, and it gives me an excuse to take a break. I have really poor endurance when I'm biking alone.

Anyway, last week, while I was out enjoying my very first ride in the snow I spotted this wall. I have no idea what it's all about but I'm overjoyed to have found a little piece of art out in the wild here. The wall was covered in colorful blocks that had little collages of random items. I'm not sure what the significance of each item or collage was. I suppose I could have poked around the building a little more but hey, it was cold! 
Here's to finding more little treasures in my neighborhood!
obligatory bike photo

*It's actually kind of funny to say that. I'm only fifteen minutes away from downtown but I'm anxious to move a bit closer. My lease is up in February and I'm hoping to get within an easy biking distance to downtown.

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It wasn't too long after I bought my bike that I did my first Critical Mass. If you're not familiar, Critical Mass is cycling event that happens on the last Friday of every month. It's just a bunch of cyclist who get together to ride through the city and yell "Happy Friday!" at everyone. It's probably the most fun thing in the whole wide world. Anyway, I went to my first one thinking "dude, I'm totally going to have the coolest looking bike". I love my bike, I think it's absolutely gorgeous (which I'm sure you already know if you follow me on instagram since I'm always posting photos it.) But after Critical Mass I realized my bike was missing something - lights!

It didn't take long at all before I found the lights. MonkeyLectric makes a few different kinds of lights that absolutely blew me away. There was no way they could be as cool in person as they looked online (spoiler alert: they are!) I got the M210, which about 2.25 inches tall and has 20 different themes, for my rear wheel and the M232 for my front wheel which has 48 themes and is 6.5 inches tall. Essentially what that means is that my entire front wheel and around the rim on the rear are illuminated.
 (the M232's 48 different patterns)
 They're super easy to install and run on 3 AA batteries. They're waterproof, affordable, and best of all, they're SUPER BRIGHT. I do most of my riding at night so I get a lot of use out of them. They look amazing but they also increase my visibility which obviously is very important. On my first ride with the lights, within minutes of turning them on, I had a car pull up and ask where they were from. They are showstoppers. People are always pointing, staring, and shouting how they love my bike. Getting attention from kids, who are almost always in awe, is probably my favorite thing about them!
One con is I can't really control the lights. The packaging had extremely basic instructions on how to choose the pattern you'd like it to display. Jeff, and I are both very competent when it comes to electronics but for the life of us both we couldn't set it to display the patterns we wanted. I'm not sure if it's a glitch in the set I got, if we're both completely missing something that's actually really easy or it's actually a design fault. Basically the issue is that I can't seem to choose a specific one I want it to show, it always seems to display the one I want and then cycle to the next shortly after. Somehow I set it to display stars for a few weeks but how that happened is beyond me.
(the M210, obviously a little dirty from miles and miles of use) 
It's a very small flaw (that, like I said, could definitely be something that is our fault! Hard to tell when the directions are so limited though!) that is completely worth overlooking. These lights are incredible. I feel so much safer with them on my bike even though I definitely got them for vanity reasons.

They surprisingly have a really great battery life too. I've had my set for a few months, I ride a couple times a week for a few hours at a time, and just last week I had to finally change the batteries for the first time. I'd say that's pretty impressive.

All in all, these lights are AMAZING. If you own a bike, I don't know why you don't already have these light on there!

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Last week Jeff, Brandon, and I met up early in the morning to do some exploring. I had scoped out a few abandoned buildings while cruising around the East side of Cleveland, things I wouldn't necessarily snoop around by myself. That day we made our way into and around three abandoned apartment buildings. The first was actually the tallest abandoned structure I've ever been in, 10 stories tall! We, of course, hiked up the stairs and to the roof first. The view was incredible but I was more interested in what might be inside. As it turned out, there wasn't much at all. Most of the apartments had been completely cleaned out. A few had a handful of items left, and then there was one that formerly housed a hoarder. (I'm sure it won't be hard for you to figure out which photos those are!) Anyway, here's a mix of photos from all three buildings... 
As we were exiting the last building and approaching the car, a cop rolled up to us. Instead of feeling us out on what we were doing, as if it wasn't painfully obvious, he said "Hope at least of you is packing!" On that note, we were outta there!

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