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Friday Favorites #379

Friday, August 26, 2016

Absolutely love the print on this backpack!
(via: Modcloth)
I'm such a sucker for cute little glass display boxes, but the shape of this one is just killing me!
 (via: Ruggy Revival)
(via: Tech Tools)
A cactus mural for your wall!
 (via: a new wall)
I already have a small collection of vintage signs but I sure do love this one.
This little pile of pillows, and that blanket are what my home decor dreams are made of. Seriously, that eye pillow!!!
  (via: Zana Products)
This dress!
(via: Modcloth)
A donut shaped coffee warmer. OBSESSED with this! I am definitely going to want one of these when the weather cools down and I'm constantly chugging hot drinks.
(via: Perpetual Kid)
A suspended loft with a trap door. Y'all I am SO into this idea.
 (via: Post)
 It doesn't quite match my current style of furniture but I can't deny the fact this chair and ottoman are way rad!
(via:  LexMod)
Fossil collection starter kit! I love this idea, and I love the execution. The rest of the shop is full of other fun things I really dig too. I feel like the shop owner and I could totally be buds.
 (via: treasurehider)

Link love....
▴ I posted about the Vans/Nintendo collaboration a little while ago but I didn't realize there were socks too!!
▴ Because everything in my life should be b+w striped, including my pens
These bowls are almost too pretty to use for food. I totally thought they were just for rings and things but they say microwave/dishwasher safe on the bottom!
▴ At first I was like "oh cute, an inflatable cactus" but then I saw it was a "men's" cactus. ...uh, what?
▴  THIS BRA!!! (NSFW, obviously)
▴ A floating swan light for your bathtub. So cuuuute!

Happy Friday!!

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animals and nature

Giant's Stairs

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Maine, Ocean

Pemaquid Point didn't quite satisfy my urge to explore tide pools. I mean it was obviously an awesome spot but I needed to see more of the coast! Giant's Stairs trail was another spot I found listed as a favorite by the same person who recommended Pemaquid Point. It was a little over an hour away from where I was but the tide was still low enough, and the photos looked cool enough that I figured it'd be worth it.

...Aaaand it was! I followed the trail for a few minutes before dipping down off the path to climb around on rocks. Same luck as before though, I still wasn't finding anything alive. Despite all my research tide pool exploration is still a bit of a mystery to me. It kills me that I don't get to do this more often. If I lived near the ocean I would be at a spot like this every single day at low tide to search for critters. It's so amazing that this world exists and for a small amount of time we get a peek of it.

giant steps, maine,

After an hour or so of watching waves crash in, I climbed back up to the trail ready to head back to my car. It was then I realized the path went on a lot further than I had thought before. Despite being tired and ready to head back to the hotel (+ the hot tub!) I figured I might as well keep on walking because when would I get a chance to explore here again anytime soon.

Not too far from where I climbed up I stumbled upon the actual Giant's Stairs. Seen above. I guess I thought the whole area was just the Giant's Stairs. My photo does them no justice at all. They really are giant stairs!

One of the houses along the trail. Could you even imagine living somewhere like this? If you do actually live somewhere like this, would you like a green haired permanent guest? Because I could be that for you...

I'm already aching to get back to the coast. One half day is not even close to enough time. I always hear people always say stuff like "I was born in the wrong era." but I was just born in the wrong state - which, luckily, is something I can fix. I definitely picture myself living on the coast some day.  I am an ocean gal through and through. I'm half terrified of it which I think is so much of why I love it. It's frightening yet calming. I don't quite know if that makes sense at all but the ocean definitely has me feeling some kind of way. 

animals and nature

Pemaquid Point

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Tidepool, Atlantic Ocean

The whole reason Jeff and I took the roadtrip to Maine was because a friend asked him to shoot their wedding. We had been talking about going up to Maine for a while but this was exactly the push we needed to finally get on the road. Saturday while he was busy doing wedding stuff I had the day to myself. Our hotel was in Waterville, about an hour and a half from the coast but I figured if I was already *this* close to the ocean there was no way I could not spend the day there.

I spent a great deal of time before the trip researching tide pools. My one and only experience with them on the west coast last summer left me anxious for more. I found a blog based around tide pool exploration in Maine and they listed one of their favorite spots as Pemaquid Point. So, when Jeff left the hotel to go shoot the bride getting ready I set off toward the ocean.

The timing couldn't have been more perfect. I arrived around an hour and a half before low tide, and basically had the place to myself. The weather was cool, and damp, a huge relief from the summer heat in Ohio. I wandered around the water by myself for a while until a stranger called out "Finding anything good?" "Nope! I'm not having any luck. This is only my second time at a tide pool." I responded. He walked over and pointed out a few things including a cute little crab that I didn't even end up photographing.

Despite the fact I found no other live creatures, it was still absolutely worth the drive from the hotel. I ooo-ed and ahhhh-ed at plant life, and exercised all my self control to not bring home every single shell and claw I found.

The ocean is pure magic. Don't get me wrong, I love Lake Erie but the ocean is Until we meet again, Pemaquid Point!

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