Another nail design similar to the ones from a weeks back. I was so pleased with those ones I had to give it another go with different colors. Plus I'm all about any design I can get away with using more than three colors!

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I'm normally a black and white rug only kind of gal but I can't help but think how great this beautiful rug would look in a room that has hardwood floors, is filled with tons of plants, and full of mid-century modern furniture.
 I've never really had much luck with the Diana F+ but when they come out in cute designs like this one, I really want to give one another go.
(via: Modcloth)
Obviously I can't wear these earrings but my goodness, aren't they gorgeous?
(via: arajera)
Would you take a look at this eye scarf!?
(via: Moorea Seal)
What a cute cactus clutch!
I'm pining for sweater weather. I am forever a fan of ones with elbow patches, especially heart shaped.
(via: Modcloth)
This print is so wonderful!
 Holy smokes, these bookends are seriously amazing! I'm so sad they're already sold.
 (via: bellalulu)
Look at those socks! That pattern is so great!
Obsessed with this giant paper clip. I love all tacky desk accessories that actually serve a purpose.
This is such a pretty necklace!

Hope you have a great weekend!

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Recently Jeff and I stumbled upon this incredible abandoned restaurant / gas station / truck stop / former motel. From the road it just looked like it would be a quick stop but we really had no idea how awesome it would actually be. I'm not one hundred percent happy with all of these photos but I do think there are a few winners in the bunch, and the others just help give a better idea of what this place was like.
I'd really like to head back to this place to shoot it again. Like I said, I didn't expect the building to be as awesome as it was so I was kind of having a difficult time concentrating on photographing it. I just kept wanting to see what was around every corner. Not to mention it was fairly dark inside, and I didn't have my tripod on me.

Oh, and if the building wasn't awesome enough, this was on the side of it...

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