Last Thursday I celebrated six months living in Cleveland, and boy oh boy did I celebrate! Jeff, Brandon, and I set out around in 8am to do some exploring. We were on a roll so after each building we'd all be saying "just one more..." Just one more ended up being the three of us exploring eleven abandoned buildings, nearly half of which were new ones to all of us, in fourteen hours with one short lunch break. It was one of the most fun days ever.

I have so many photos from the day to share over the next few weeks, I'll be breaking them up by location. First I'm going to start with our last stop of the day. It's actually kind of sweet, this building is a little bit special to me for a few reasons. I had seen it from the freeway the day I bought my car. It stuck out to me because of a piece of graffiti on the side that I really liked. I wanted to photograph it so bad but couldn't imagine getting off getting off the freeway, venturing into the city, and getting close enough to the building to shoot it. Remember I'm from the country, cities were absolutely foreign and terrifying to me a little over a year ago. I never would have thought that months later I would inside that building taking pictures, exploring with friends, and watching the sunset from the rooftop. It's neat how things come full circle like that.  Funny thing is, I still haven't photographed the outside like I wanted to so long ago. Haha!

While we were up on the roof I practiced my night photography skills. I'm still trying to get the hang of it. I mean, I understand the basics of how to take great photos at night, but I'm still trying to master it. The first photo is my favorite. The sky and clouds were so perfect that night, it was almost like it never got completely dark outside. Had we not all been absolutely beat from running around all day I'm sure we could have stayed up there for hours.
Can't wait to share more photos from this day!

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It's been since April that I posted a new "found on the beach" photoset. For the most part they've been keeping the beach fairly clean. The last few weeks though, it's been a wreck. Shards of broken plastic, tons of bottles, and of course, the normal tampon applicator. Ugh. While looking for a place to lay out the days findings I was only able to spot one area that had sand and was mostly clear. After I dumped out my bag and started sorting the pieces I looked up and spotted toilet paper right beside me. I don't know if it was clean or not but I guess I found the one thing that I cannot handle finding on the beach. It grossed me out so much. I pushed it away as best I could with some driftwood, and crossed my fingers I wouldn't find any "treasures" while putting together my photo.

I guess the one positive of the current state of the beach that I'm finding really neat things for my photosets. My favorite things to find are always little people, like army men. Basically tiny versions of anything are cool in my book. I was more than pleased to find two little plastic cars on this trip.
As you can see I'm still finding tons of lighters for my little project. It blows my mind that there are SO many of them on the beach. I know lighters are easy to lose, but geez!
Quick FAQ - things that get asked every Found on the Beach post.
Do you keep the things you pick up? No way. Once in a while I'll keep something I really think is neat but I'm no hoarder.
What do you do with it when you're done? I toss it in the trash where it belongs.
Was this really all from the beach in one day? For the most part, yes. Sometimes if I find something I really think is neat on a day I'm not collecting for a photo I'll pick it up and hang on to it until the next time I want to put together one of these.

I recently made a Found on the Beach tag. I try to keep the tags for things I post about regularly except in cases when I really really love the series, and I think this finally deserves a tag!

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I've been meaning to take outfit pictures nearly every single day for the last two or so weeks but every time I go to get dressed for the day I find myself reaching for a black and white striped dress. They're all different, hence why I own so many. Different stripe widths, different cuts, and tiny little variations like that are what gives me the excuse to keep buying them. But when it comes down to outfit pictures a blog full of striped dresses probably just wouldn't be that interesting ...or maybe it would!

Right now Modcloth is having a sale on dozens of new arrivals. While I was browsing through them my eyes kept being drawn to the same type of things, black and white items! I thought it might be fun to make a collage of my favorites from the sale section. I'm particularly fond of that first dress.

A not black and white bonus: these shoes! I actually own a black version of them, go figure, but they sure are dreamy in brown!

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A while back I visited this UFO shaped building very briefly, really just long enough to snap the two pictures I have of it. Recently we took a quick little trip down to check it out again. My last visit I suspected it was abandoned but like I said, I didn't really look around. I was a nervous new driver who didn't want to cause any trouble at all. This trip it only took a matter of seconds before we confirmed it was abandoned. Sadly, it's closed up tight so there was no snooping around the inside. It's still an absolutely incredibly building, in my opinion. I seriously can't think of a cooler building I have ever seen in person.
I searched and searched but couldn't really come up with much more info other than it was built in 1976 and was used as office spaces for a variety of companies. It seems it's been abandoned for a few years now. I peeked in all the windows in doors that I could only to see empty rooms and fallen ceiling tiles. It's rare that I find myself thinking "wow, what a shame to see this place rot"*, but this is one of the few that made me feel that way. If I won the lottery, this is the place I'd be purchasing to make into my home!

* I feel like I should clarify myself on that one - it's not that I don't think abandoned buildings all have an air of sadness about them for one reason or another. For the most part I'm pretty matter of fact about stuff like this, abandonment happens, buildings are left to rot. But geeez, I really hate seeing amazing architecture in a state of disrepair. I guess "amazing architecture" is a matter of opinion on this one because it is totally tacky, but I'm all about it! Novelty architecture is my jam!

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