23 : 365 A toasted marshmallow caught playing with a tennis ball.
 24 : 365 Wanna know a secret? I'd never had a muffin until recently. I mean I guess I had tried them but I always kind of felt they were sad versions of cupcakes. Dang dude, I've been missing out. Just like all my recently discovered food obsessions, I've been making up for lost time.
 25 : 365 Sparks sent me over a crazy awesome box of hair dye. Of course, I had just dyed my hair a few days previous so testing these out will have to wait a little while but I am excited!
 26 : 365 Photographed some Lush products for another review.
27 : 365 My little bird watcher. One of our new neighbors is kind of maybe definitely a crazy bird lady. She feeds the birds outside at least a full load of bread daily which is awesome for my cats. The both just sit in the windows and chirp about it all day.
28 : 365 Snowy outfit photos for a post next week.
29 : 365 Chatbooks recently sent over this little book of my instagram photos. It would be awesome to have a whole little stack of these with different themes. I definitely want to get a few after this year's roadtrip. The books are only $6 and they have free shipping PLUS you can use the code "theda146" to get your first book when you subscribe to your Instagram Series.
I can't believe the first month of the year is nearly over already! I swear each year goes faster and faster.

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Omerica Organic just released these gorgeous flower plugs! I'm particularly fond of the magnolia ones. PS. Remember you can use rep code "daintysq" for 20% off your first order!
I would LOVE to have a swing my apartment. It'd be so cozy to sit in there and read.
Yes to this neon sign!
 How dreamy is this shelf?!
 (via: Delia)
Bike dress!!! Yessss!
(via: Modcloth)
This might be the most perfect vanity!
 Because cookies with little kitties imprinted on them would be so much tastier, aye?!
Loving this swimsuit from Unique Vintage.  It would look SO awesome with my stomach tattoo!
 Well, this might be the cutest little tray ever.
Obsessed with different ways to hang plants right now. Definitely something I want to decorate with this spring whenplants are back in stores and I can pick up some new ones. This looks so pretty.

Hope you're having an excellent Friday!

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My hair was orange for a while there, around two months which is pretty long in my world. I actually think that orange, pink and purple combo might have been one of my favorite dye jobs in the history of me dying my hair. But one night, when it was a bit faded, I was bitten by the hair dye bug and decided right then that I had to dye my hair. I went blue, yellow, and purple. From the second I rinsed it out, I wasn't too crazy about it. So, of course, I did the worse thing possible, I didn't take care of it. I showered in hot water everyday and within no time at all it was looking way worse than ever. I cannot stand faded colors. I pride myself on having vibrant hair. I had another "must dye my hair NOW" moment. Checked my bathroom cupboard that is usually stocked full of options to find that I had about 5 brand new jars of turquoise, a half a jar of purple, and half a jar of green. I decided to wing it, nothing could look worse than the faded look I had going on.
blue hair, green hair, dyed hair, colorful hair
blue hair with bangs
I applied Punky Colour Turquoise with a dash of Punky Colour Alpine Green mixed in to the top. Same but a little more of the green to the middle, and mostly green with a pinch of turquoise on the bottom layer. My hair was faded when I applied the dye but very much so still blue on top, yellow in the middle, and purple underneath so there are definitely some areas the purple affected the green (as seen in the photo above) but I'm really digging it! blue hair, green hair, dyed hair, colorful hair, the dainty squid, kaylah doolan hair
blue hair, green hair, dyed hair, colorful hair
For a last minute dye job I think it turned out really well! My favorite part is that it looks a little different in every lighting. These photos were taken right in front of a window but depending on the room I'm in it can either look totally blue, or totally green.

Sources: Plugs are from Omerica Organic and as always you can use rep code "daintysq" for 20% off your first order. Shirt and skirt are from Unique Vintage.

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Last June Jeff and I took a pretty epic road trip across six states out West. It was easily one of the best weeks of my life. We saw so much and had an AMAZING time. Plus since our relationship was so new then it was an incredible bonding trip for us. It wasn't long after we got home, probably about a week, before we were talking about taking another trip. Nothing serious, just mentioning here and there what might be fun. We both love traveling and want to see the world so just about every possible place got thrown out there.

Earlier in the week we started to make real plans. Not reeeal plans just started talking a little more seriously about this year's trip. Now it's eating at me. I can't stop thinking about our possible trip.  We're thinking the Pacific Northwest. Similar to our last trip, we'd fly into a major city, rent a car and just driiiiive.  The internet is obviously an amazing resource and we'll both be scouring it for things but I would hate to accidentally overlook something amazing. (On our last trip we were SO close to the other Wigwam Village and I didn't even know until it was too late. It's killing me now because we would have obviously stayed at it and I would be able to cross that off my bucket list!) We both love kitschy roadside attractions, tourist traps, and the like but on this trip we'd also like to do more "nature stuff" for lack of a better way to put it. I would LOVE to visit a tide pool and be able to see a starfish. I want to photograph mountains, waterfalls, all the weird critters you guys have out there (y'all, banana slugs! I saw one when I visited my brother in Seattle like five years ago and I still think about how cool that thing was all the time!) and I'd be one very happy lady if I finally got to see my absolute favorite mushroom, Amanita muscaria, in person! SO, PNW folks - what are some MUST SEE things out there? Parks, museums, beaches, great views, incredible abandoned places, etc - Lemme hear 'em!
1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5
Like I mentioned above, I can't stop thinking about this trip despite the fact nothing is set in stone yet. I've just been constantly scheming how I can save money for the trip, where we'll go and of course, what I'll bring. I made a fun little wish list of a few things I wouldn't mind bringing along. I love window shopping, especially when I have a theme in mind. As someone who loved, but no longer gets to go, "back to school" shopping, shopping for a road trip is the next best thing! It's no surprise I'm always trying to think of an excuse to buy some new Palladium Boots. I bought a bunch of boots this winter but I'll be needing some shoes to wear with shorts in better weather. Lovin' the green pair. And that bag by Fjällräven?! Not only is it gorgeous, it'd be perfect to stash away at least a few of the many many cameras that will be accompanying me on the trip!

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