I've been living in my cute little apartment for nearly eight months now. The living room was the first room I finished decorating, and shortly after I shared photos on the blog. I had thought it changed a lot since then but upon looking back, I guess not. It's officially home now, and somehow that makes it feel like it looks different to me. 
I think the biggest change since the first time I shared photos of the room might actually be a small one, the TV. A few people even mentioned in the original post how neat they thought was I didn't have a television in my living room. When I moved in I figured the best place for my TV was my bedroom so I could watch Netflix in bed, which I definitely do every night! I rather like falling asleep to noise. But I missed sitting on the couch and watching TV. It's not that I missed certain shows but I missed the routine of folding laundry and watching TV, or curling up on my couch to watch a movie. With winter coming, I will inevitably be spending more time indoors so I'm happy to have finally added the final thing the room seemed to be missing.

source list //
globe mirrors
record player
Ice cream lamp, globe lamp, map, butterfly wall hanging, hutch, coffee table, cat statue, and invisible man are vintage. Old wedding photos rescued from the trash. Insect pillow is from Target. Blue pillow is from Ikea.

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Today I have a giveaway from Culture Flock Clothing. Culture Flock Clothing is a small-batch handprinted clothing and accessories company located in Springfield, MO. They brainstorm and print things that are relevant to everyday life, made to inspire creativity, smiles, laughter, and doing what you love. They're printed on the finest quality garments, because your personal style is a reflection of you!
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Jesi, and I discovered this incredible abandoned cement factory on our last adventure together. We were in an area we didn't really know very well so while we chowed down on lunch we decided to quickly look around online to see if there was anywhere we could find nearby. We found photos of this place but couldn't find an address so with nothing better to do decided just to drive and hope for the best. Fifteen minutes later we spotted it off in the distance. Guess some things are just meant to be!
The first unit of this plant was built in 1924. It produced 2,500 barrels of cement per day. After another year another unit was built and production doubled. In 1955 the company announced it's plan to expand yet again, this time to be able to produce 11,000 barrels per day. During the 1960's this factory was the largest in the state and employed many of the residents of the surrounding area.

In 1973 the plant's parent company decided to sell in an effort to get rid of all non-essential businesses.  It was all down hill from here. The plant went through a handful of new owners in quick succession. In the 80's there were strikes, and eventually in 1993 the company declared bankruptcy and closed down. A few years passed and the EPA stepped in to clean up the area. A great majority of the buildings on the property were demolished.

Since then what's remaining has been left to rot. Most recently the building has been used by local military and police for training purposes. Much of the land around the plant has been declared off-limits by the EPA after large sinkholes began to develop.
It's actually pretty crazy to think that so many buildings on the property were demolished. This is easily one of the largest places I have ever explored. It is MASSIVE. Jesi, and I barely made a dent on the place before declaring we were both too hot, and tired to do anything else here.

Although it was almost completely cleared out inside with nearly everything gone, it was still a super interesting building. One of my favorite parts was all the "no spitting' signs painted on the walls. There were a handful of them throughout the building, particularly near stairwells. It's kind of hilarious to me that it was such an issue they had to do that.
The second floor was covered in stalactites, and stalagmites. I was particularly interested in the stalagmites covering the floor. They had such a strange appearance. They looked fluffy, almost like shaving cream or something of a similar consistency.
Beautiful view from one of the upper levels.
I'd like to get back here sometime in the near future and finish checking out the area. There was so much we didn't get to see!

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For six years straight I've been dying my hair unnatural colors. During this time I've written a two different guides to unnatural hair colors and within months each has felt a bit outdated for one reason or another. My most recent set of posts on the subject was published back in 2011. In all honesty, to me, those three posts feel rushed. I've decided to rewrite my hair series a little differently, with more photos, and with more information. First I'm going to start with maintaining hair color, which isn't that hard but seems to be a mystery to a lot of people. All of the hair dyes you would use to dye your hair a funky color are semi-permanent and fade no matter what. In outfit posts you can see my hair color is never the same more than once, even daily my hair color changes due to rinsing. Fading is inevitable but here are seven easy tips to help make your color last.

1 // Good color starts with healthy hair. While bleaching your hair isn't the best way to start, it is necessary to do in order to achieve a bright color.  Unhealthy, damaged hair will not hold color well. You may make it from black hair to pink in a week by bleaching your hair twice a day but that pink won't hold because your hair is in rough shape. Be patient with your journey from dark hair to colored hair. Make sure to nurture your hair. Hair mask and repair products are your best friends! (I shared a few of my favorites here!)

2 // After healthy hair, the next most important thing is a high quality hair dye. I highly recommend Punky Colours and Special Effects. I'm sure there are other great dyes, but those are the two I always turn to despite trying many others. Since those brands do NOT damage your hair, it's totally fine, and really highly recommended that you leave it in for much longer than the recommended time. The packaging usually says something "let sit for 20 minutes before rinsing." If you leave your hair dye in for 20 minutes that color is not going to last very long at all. I normally try to leave my hair color in for a minimum of three hours. The longer, the better! Since I always mix my dyes with equal parts conditioner my hair is also being nourished while I wait on the dye to set.

3// Rinse with cool water. This is actually my best tip. If you skip all other tips (please don't, especially healthy hair!) this is the one to follow. Warm water opens the hair cuticle allowing color to escape. I'm not saying you need to wash your hair with ice cold water, but in reality, the colder the better. I wash and rinse my hair in as cold of water as I can stand, toss it up in a towel then crank that water up for the rest of my shower.

Cold water also helps reduce bleeding if you have more than one color, otherwise your hair color will just turn into a mess similar to when you mix different colors of paint together.

While we're on the subject of water, it should be noted that swimming in chlorinated water is awful for your hair color. (But hey, if you want to fade your hair, go for it!) For good measures, just keep your hair dry as much as possible!

4 // Avoid shampoos with sulfates and styling products with alcohol. Sulfates and alcohol based products are two huuuge things that will fade any hair color. Sulfate free shampoos can be kind of tricky to find sometimes, but they're definitely worth switching to. Try checking Sally's, Ulta or  searching Amazon.

Even with sulfate free shampoo, you should still try to cut back on shampoo use. Shampoo strips your hair of it's natural oils, as well as the color. If you're lucky enough to not have super greasy hair (like me!) skip washing every other day and use a dry shampoo on your off days.

When I shampoo I try to only apply it to the roots, where my hair is most likely to become greasy, and only avoid the ends of my hair since that's what normally fades most quickly anyway.

5 // Mix some color into your conditioner. If you add hair dye to your conditioner you'll be depositing a little bit of color every time you condition. This only applies if you hair is a solid color, or a mix of the same colors in different shades obviously. This is also a great idea because you're able to leave conditioner in your hair for longer without running the risk of fading it.

6 // Avoid heat styling. If you must heat style (hey, I feel ya!), use a protectant! This is my personal favorite, I've been using it for a while now.

7 // Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun. Just like your skin, the sun isn't necessarily good for your hair color. Try wearing a hat if you'll be spending a long time in the sun. There are also UV protection sprays for your hair. I don't personally have any experience with them at this time but I will absolutely update this as soon as I find one worth recommending.

All of the above should help you maintain your hair color. Over the next few months I'll be rewriting the rest of my hair dye info, so stay tuned! If you have any general hair dye questions (nothing specific to your hair, please) or requests, just let me know.

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