The space I call my 'office' has changed so much over the years. I worked on a coffee table at my parents for a while before they gave up and made me a little tiny room out of a corner in their home. I moved into my own home a while later where I worked out of the dining room while my dad built me an incredible craft room in the basement. Flooding and low light forced me into the spare bedroom of that home, where I stayed for a while. Finally, I changed rooms again in that home one last time before moving out and getting an adorable apartment of my own. I don't have a spare bedroom in this apartment so I decided to make the best of my space and set up camp in the back corner of my living room since I didn't really need the space anyway.
I'm really liking this space. I'm sure it will continue to evolve as time goes on but for now it's perfect. This is one of the first times I'm working from an open area as opposed to being in a room where I'm kind of cut off from the rest of the home, I like this a lot.

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One year ago today I met the sweetest little guy ever. This pup is seriously one of the best things to ever happen to me. Even though I don't think it's possible to like him any more than I already do, each day I do just that.  Can I be dramatic for just a second and say that I don't even know what I'd do without him? He's the best company a girl could ask for.

A few of my favorite posts about Klaus:
Newest member of the TDS crew - his very first appearance on the blog.
Just a pupdate - some precious pictures of my puppy in a bow tie.
Klaus + Crum - my two favorite puppies playing together.
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What I wore + a pupdate - a puppy afraid of the beach.
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A girl and her pup - a post full of pictures of Klaus and I. It's one of my favorites!

While looking through the posts about Klaus, I found this one with a list of "Klaus facts" which are hilarious to me. To this day he still rolls over to show his belly to anyone who approaches his crate. Sometimes he won't get up until you give him some belly scratches. He's still not much of a barker, although in the last few weeks he's started barking at some strangers on the sidewalk oops but still he's so quiet in the apartment. He loves being close and will always do his best to squirm his way in between Jeff and I. He LOVES tennis balls more than ever. One of his favorite things to do is bring all of his tennis balls into my bed one by one.

Something that is new to Klaus since that post is that he's finally starting to get along with the cats. Wait, let me reword that - the cats are finally starting to get along with him. Kind of crazy to me that it's taken a year but better late than never, right?! Klaus so desperately wants to be friends with them. On more than one occasion I've caught Klaus trying to give Professor a ball or bone. The cats have actually gotten to the point where they'll lay in bed while he's in there too. Professor is even sometimes tolerant enough to let Klaus groom him. I have to fight the tears when I see that big goofy puppy licking that tiny kitty's ears.

He's also taken quite a liking to mud puddles. I still haven't convinced him that the beach is fun. I'm thinking that will take the help of another dog who actually likes waves. But while he was at my parents my mom sent me this photo. Apparently he likes to play for a while then take a break, and cool off in the mud.

Glad you're mine, Klaus! Here's to many more years of petting your belly, and playing the cheese game.

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The end of July means one thing to me; that my birthday is rapidly approaching! August 2nd! Every year I make a birthday list. I've probably done this since before I could even write, just circling things in catalogs. Here's 2014's silly little birthday wishlist...
1 // This mars globe would be an incredible addition to my collection of globes. It's so beautiful. I am certainly not picky about globes though. Big and small, I love them all!
2 // I already own two pairs of Palladium boots. They've proven to be incredible shoes for all the activities I've found myself doing these past few months including; biking, climbing, hiking, and urban exploring. But you guys, I just realized they make glow in the dark boots as well. The black pair would match everything but I already own a plain black pair. The glow in the dark ones also come in "splatter", which would be harder to match but they are awfully fun looking!
3 // Certainly wouldn't mind adding Hokey Fright by The Uncluded (which is Aesop Rock, and Kimya Dawson from The Moldy Peaches) to my vinyl collection.
4 // Macarons. I want tons of macarons. Make me a cake from macarons, I don't care. They're one of the only really popular things that actaully aren't over-rated. I've found a couple nearby places that sell really great ones but I still have yet to find the one flavor I must try - banana!
5 // I don't necessarily need a new camera bag but it would be nice to have one that holds just a tiny bit more than the one I already own. This one seems like it would be perfect.
6 // House plants. Uh, yep. I seriously love plants so much, and there is always room for more in this tiny apartment.

This year was easily the most difficult years for me to make a list. This is actually probably the shortest list I have ever in my life made. I think because what I really want for my birthday isn't tangible. I want adventures. I want to take a trip. I want to ride my bike with friends. I want to explore another abandoned school. I want Elycia to visit. I want to visit a cemetery with a headstone that will rival the coolness of my favorite headstone. Nearly everyday of this month I've been saying to Jeff "Hey, do you know what I reeeeally want for my birthday?" Almost all of the answers to that questions have been something non-tangible. But hey, I certainly wouldn't be mad if I got any of the other things up there either! ;)

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