You guys. I kind of definitely 100% need this for my bike.
 (via: Wearable Planter)
 I can't decide if I absolutely love or hate this round frame polaroid film. I bet portraits would look really pretty in them. It also comes in gold frame, which I always like!
(via: Urban Outfitters)
Recently I was admiring this coat in store at Macy's but couldn't bring myself to purchase it since I'm SO rough on coats and it does cost a pretty penny. It's so cute!
(via: Macy's)
This vase is probably the coolest ever.
(via: Modcloth)
Love love love this calendar. I can't believe it's so late in the year and I still haven't purchased one yet.
 (via: Colour Moon)
I've shared Quill and Fox's work in my Friday Favorites before but this postcard is just too good!
 (via: Quill and Fox)
I'm really digging this top. But Kaylah it's just a plain gray top!? Hear me out. Earlier in the year I found this plain black shirt at Target. I bought it just for something cozy to wear and bike in. It quickly became one of my favorite items of clothing. I had no idea a simple shirt could be so powerful. Now I'm kind of the hunt for more things like it. This one looks like it has potential. It also comes in light grey.
(via: Modcloth)
I actually don't have a christmas tree up this year but if I did I'd definitely want this ornament for it.
 (via: Dotter Studio)
This has to be the coolest tablecloth fort ever.
 Obsessed with this cardigan!
(via: Kate Spade Saturday)

Have an awesome weekend!

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sweatshirt - Mulberry Press Co.
necklace - c/o Shlomit Ofir
jeans - TJ Maxx

This sweatshirt was my one and only Black Friday purchase. I recently discovered Mulberry Press Co on instagram and was bummed to find her shop was completely empty. The night of Thanksgiving I was having trouble sleeping so I was scrolling through intstagram when I saw she posted that a huge update and sale would be happening at midnight. So I tiptoed out of bed, made myself a cup of tea, and settled down in front of the computer. I refreshed the screen at exactly midnight, checked out, and was in back in bed by five after. I like online shopping, it's almost too easy! Hah! I didn't have to face any crowds, got exactly what I wanted and was able to get back to my warm bed in no time.
The beach is so quiet this time of the year. It's incredibly cold but my goodness, the glass pickin' is GOOD. I went with the intent just to take outfit photos, quick in and out thing since it was frigid but couldn't help but stop and pick some up. It's hard to ignore when it's so abundant. I didn't take any of it home except the piece pictured above. It's such a beautiful color, certainly not one I find often.

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necklace - c/o Black Crystals
hat - Target
everything else -c/o Macy's

I'm so pumped about this outfit for a multitude of reasons. First of all, how awesome does that cardigan look with the eye graffiti?! I'm maybe a little too excited about that first photo. As soon as I spotted this cardigan I knew it had to be mine. It's not even my size, it's a xs when I'm typically a medium, but it fits perfectly! Some things are just meant to be. When I started considering where to shoot I remembered that eye on the wall and had to make it happen!

Secondly, I convinced Jeff to join me for outfit photos! He really didn't take much convincing at all. We really need to work on taking pictures together that aren't the cheesiest ever though. I actually text him after I got done looking through the photos to remark how annoyed I am with them. I look at him the way I look at baby animals, pizza, and everything else I love so very much. I am the human version of this emoji around him.

Perhaps most exciting of all, I've teamed up with Macy's for this post! I've never really been huge on shopping at department stores because I've always had a hard time finding things that I really like but I guess I haven't been in Macy's in a while! I'm really excited about this whole outfit. I was just about to type "especially..." and then name one of the items but I seriously love every piece. I spent SO much time in the store picking out this outfit. Probably actually the longest I've ever spent in any store, seriously. I went through the entire women's department at least three times, finding new things to try on each time. I couldn't believe how much of their stuff was 100% my style!

Below are some of my favorites Inspired by Macy's winter fashion guide. I've been wanting to add more colorful pants to my wardrobe so I was pumped to find the maroon pants. In store I only saw blue, black, and maroon, but online I noticed they have whole range of awesome colors. That orange is awfully tempting!
1, 2, 3, 4, 5 

This is a sponsored post but you best believe I am alllll about this outfit and Macy's! Thanks for supporting the companies who support The Dainty Squid.

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Last week Jesi, and Samira came up from Columbus to spend the day exploring Cleveland with me. I was racking my brain all week, trying to decided which places I knew of in the area would be perfect to take Jesi. We both prefer spots with things still left in them so that's what I was really going for. I mapped out four fun spots. Our first stop would be the rubber duck factory.

It's not actually a rubber duck factory at all. But I'm the sure pictures below will be able to give you some indication as to why its called that by other local explorers. It's a large building, most likely used as some sort of warehouse. Now it's filled with colorful graffiti, broken pallets, oodles of paperwork, and obviously rubber duckies. In a few rooms the roof has caved in. The building has very clearly seen better days and my guess would be that there's no saving it now. Its in rough shape. 
This was my third time visiting the building. The first time I visited this building I didn't take any photos at all (Remember I told you guys how I used to be super shy about taking photos in front of Jeff? Hah!) The second time I went back I was excited to shoot the ducks but was ultimately disappointed when I found maybe a total of fifteen. I assumed people stealing them one by one eventually added up. This last time I knew there had to be more. So the three of us each set off to gather some. Even if we only ended up with fifty or so like I presumed would happen I would have been happy but after a few minutes, we hit the jackpot. In the lower level we found where they were all hiding. We grabbed boxes, started filling them, and within no time at all our pile was massive!

We ended up spending a few hours in that one building, just gathering ducks, taking pictures, telling TMI stories, giggling, and having a grand old time. It was perfect.

Prints available on society6

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