How cute is this cactus pillow? Kind of glad it doesn't match my living room decor or else I'd have to have it.
(via: Modcloth)
I will always be a sucker for fun stationery, just look at this memo pad!
Limited edition circle skirt in an eye print from The Paraders! I don't know how I missed that print when I shared these skirts a few weeks back.
 (via: The Paraders)
 An award for every one of us!
 (via: Prize Pins)
I feel like I might have already posted this banner by Winter Cabin Collection but I just love it so!
(via: AMNH Shop)
 (via: Fennec Design)
I want to send this card to all my friends.
(via: Amy Heitman)
I couldn't choose just one item from Vital to share so here's a bicycle mug, and hoodie
(via: Vital)
These notebooks!!! So pretty!
I currently have two turtles whose shells open up for storage. They're also both gold. This one would be a perfect addition!
I'm sad that gift shops don't really sell pennants anymore because I would have bought one from every national park. I did find this awesome Joshua Tree one online though!
(via: Modcloth)
Corey Marie made this portrait of Jeff and I, and I'm still squealing over how adorable it is. She does custom ones!
(via: Corey Marie

Link Love...
▴ How great is this bicycle pizza cutter I found in Mermaid Gossip's shop?!
▴ A cute little jackalope necklace!
The Story Tree just started offering mini pet portraits. It'd be so cute to have one of each of my critters.
▴ Etsy recommended this to me as something I might like. It's Danny Devito as a ham. I have no idea what prompted that recommendation but I am all about it!

Hope you have an excellent Friday!

Ps. Don't forget to browse my Everyday Favorites if you want to see more fun finds!

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For the past few months I've been working on propagating some succulents from the leaves of a plant I owned that got a little bit too leggy. (See the previous two posts on them here + here.) When I went on vacation for a week I just closed my blinds so that nothing got too much sunlight and hoped for the best. I came home and my babies had shot up! Perhaps shutting the blinds was a bad idea since some of them look a bit leggy now but I'm not fretting if worse come to worst I just propagate again (and become a grandma! Awwww!) That aside - they're doing so well! I'm still having a hard time believing I grew these!

A few days after coming home from vacation my "my cats never bother my plants" speech came back to bite me.  I'm positive it was an accident, although I didn't witness it. It happened over night. Jeff spotted it first and said "Someone made a mess!" My first though was "Oh, someone puked. Couldn't they do that when Jeff isn't around?" But the closer I got I realized Jeff's face wasn't an I found cat puke face, something was worse. My next though was "Aw man, someone pooped on the floor. They've literally never had an accident. Why now?!" Then I saw it. My plants - nearly all of them knocked over. All the succulents I was propagating and had meticulously arranged were scattered. Planters upside down. Broken succulents. Dirt covering the floor. It was a war zone. At least it looked like it to me. My reaction was embarrassing, to say the least. I let out a whole string of cuss words, and plopped down on the floor to cry.

I spent a good portion of the morning cleaning up the mess. I came to the conclusion that Professor had to have been chasing a bug (the mayflies are crazy here since I live so close to the lake!), got a little too carried away and knocked over my smaller pan of succulents that was on the edge of my vanity. That falling most likely scared him into the rest of the plants, where he just Scooby Doo-ed his way out of my little forest of plants. The little guy was probably just as upset as I was. It had to be loud, I have no idea how it didn't wake us up.

I'm over it now. The mess broke a ton of plants which just gave me that much more to try propagating and helped me clean out my collection of plants which admittedly was getting a bit crazy. You best believe my office door is now closed every time I leave the room though!

As well as all the things from the great plant disaster of 2015, I've been collecting pieces from all my other plants to see how well they'd do. So far, so good! I snagged some lil cactus babies from another one of my plants just because I felt it looked like it was growing funny, plopped them in here, and a few weeks later they're got some nice little roots growing.

Below you can see the stems from the original plant. The three stems are growing six new, super healthy plants. I mean, those are some dang good looking babies, right?! They're actually living outside on my deck right now. They're in a big planter along with two large cactuses and a few other assorted plants none of which were looking so hot. I figured I'd put them outside to see how they'd do and whatever happened happened - no big deal. Well they're LOVING all the sun, and rain. Everything in that planter is thriving, stems of my old plants included.

Propagating plants is seriously just so much fun. Growing things is incredibly satisfying. I never really thought I'd get this into it. It's neat to think that I grew these things from nothing, from something that in the past I would have just thrown away. Now I save every little thing that is wiggly or falls off a plant in hopes I can grow from it.

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dress - Solstice c/o Apricity
jean jacket - thrifted
sunglasses - Sienna c/o Moorea Seal
sandals - Lisson c/o Moorea Seal
phone case - In the Garden c/o Moorea Seal

Hey there. Long time, no see... or at least it feels like it. First there was the road trip which despite my best intentions didn't produce any outfit photos. Then I came back to Ohio, which is obviously considerably cooler (literally over 40 degrees cooler) but the humidity this last week has been stifling. The kind of humidity where you're sticky and just gross feeling no matter what you're up to. My days have been me sitting in front of a three fan system I rigged up without pants on at my computer desk. Even like that the humidity was still awful. Craigslist apartment browsing in other cities awful - West not South because I'm pretty sure y'all got it even worse down there.

Luckily the weather gave me a break so I could wear this beautiful new dress from Apricity! I've done a really good job the last few months ridding my closet of things that aren't easy to wear. Dresses that are a bit too short, are hard to style, don't feel casual enough or need ironed. Call it lazy, but I'm just being practical. This dress is a perfect addition to my "new" wardrobe. It's incredibly cozy, doesn't need ironed, and makes it look like I put in more effort than I really did.

It's kind of funny because this dress was actually a little bit out of my comfort zone at first. It's the v-neck! I don't what it is but I have always felt funny showing off cleavage. Looking at these photos I realize it wasn't as revealing as it felt the first time I put it on - like at all. It actually looks so normal in these photos that I'm wondering why I'm even telling you this. Every time I looked down though, it was like "WOAH, BOOBS!"* I felt good in the dress, maybe a bit like I was showing off the girls too much, but being able to see myself gives me the confidence to wear other things I might consider too "revealing". That's one reason I love taking outfit photos.

Hope you're having a lovely, not too humid, week!

*It's the view looking down, it always looks so much more dramatic. Right?!

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After Salvation Mountain, day two of our road trip wasn't shaping up to be too great with both Jeff and I super tired. He's a bear when he's tired, and I'm the actual worst when I'm hungry. Basically we were a dream team on day two. Not! A hotel wasn't in the plans for a few more days but we needed it. We sat down at Starbucks after scarfing down In-N-Out (because duh!) and decided to head to Morro Bay for the night. It was only a few hours away, and we figured it would be a great place to rest up.

Aaaand we were totally correct! Our hotel was right by the beach, I could even see Morro rock from the window. We ordered a pizza and relaxed while waiting for the sun to get a little bit lower in the sky. While we ate I browsed instagram photos tagged "morro bay", "morro rock", and anything else I could think of that would show me photos of nearby things. I found a few photos featuring jellyfish (which I later learned are velella). I was super excited. I was hoping to find one on the beach. We really don't have anything interesting living in Lake Erie, unless you believe in Bessie, so even dead finding something like a jellyfish is so neat to me.

We walked to the beach a little bit later and there they were. Hundreds (thousands?!) of velella! Jeff's comment was "Well, here you go!" The first thing out of my mouth was "Grosssss!" But I'm not going to lie, it was pretty cool and I was darn excited. They were impossible not to step on. I tried avoiding them the longest time but eventually gave up after seeing barefoot surfers, and joggers just walking on them like it was no big deal.

Even more exciting than tons of velella? Sand dollars! I have never actually found one myself. I own a few but I have no idea where they came from. I was walking the beach when I spotted one. It was whole but broken on the underside. I was pumped though! A few more feet and I found another. This one was perfect. Then it was just one after another, they were everywhere. I even found a live one complete with a barnacle buddy.

We watched the sun set for what felt like days. Sunsets here, I swear, only last a few minutes. The sky is beautiful but only for a very short amount of time. I feel like we watched the sunset on this beach for so much longer than I've ever experienced in my life - and it just kept getting prettier. Then it got foggy. Are you kidding me!? Y'all know how much I love fog.

So quick recap here - velella, sand dollars, prettiest sunset I've ever seen, surfers, mountains, and fog. Basically, it was heaven. Have you ever seen one of those silly commercials for California with Arnold Schwarzenegger saying how fun the state is? This should be in one.

Morro Bay, you are pure magic. One night was not enough. I definitely would love to go back and explore the area again someday. If it were possible, I would seriously fly out there RIGHT NOW.

You can find more posts from our road trip under the "travel" tag.

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