Absolutely in love with this photo of Mindi's snake Popcorn. Seriously so precious!
 (via: Hide & Seek)
 Striped satchel? Of course I love it!
(via: Modcloth)
 (via: Dinosaur Toes)
Always a fan of fun socks!
I've been on the hunt for a phone stand to put next to my computer and this one is also a little planter. PERFECT.
 (via: STAK Ceramics)
I've been a fan on Oana Befort for a while but this mushroom card is just incredible.
 (via: Oana Befort)
Dogs and Pizza? My favorites! (Maybe you'd prefer cats and donuts?)
 The color of these babies is pure spring perfection!
(via: Modcloth)
Ahh! How awesome is this wax seal?!
 (via: Modcloth)
You guys, I LOVE these glasses!!!
How awesome is this confetti balloon!?! Perhaps a single serving of confetti is more your taste? Don't worry, Knot & Bow has you covered!

Link love...
▴ I've always avoided posting lingerie in my Friday Favorites for fear of it being a little bit too NSFW but starting up link love is perfect because I get to finally share all the pretty things I find. Like this set, hoooooly smokes!!
▴ Emily from Mermaid Gossip recently shared some photos from her beach trip and holy cow, they are dreamy. I wish our beaches were so colorful.
▴ My new favorite instagram? Pompous Albert! This silly looking kitty just took Grumpy Cat's place in my heart.
▴ I've had this blog post  from Rosaspina Vintage bookmarked for a while now. I really just love looking at the photos. Something about them is just so beautiful. I love the colors. (Yep, it's still in my bookmarks so I can admire them again another day!)
This apple turnover recipe looks so tasty! I know that's not really a weird food at all but not too long ago that would have been way out of my comfort zone. I've only just begun to want to try new foods. Wish I could just reach through the computer and eat one!!
▴ Kiiiind of loving these clear rain boots.

Happy Friday!

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If you've been following for some time you might remember when The Dainty Squid was a sewing business, and not just a blog. (Oh yeah, and you might have noticed that giant sewing machine tattoo on my chest!) Sewing was my life. Day and night, it's nearly all I did. That lead to me getting burnt out. I didn't touch my machine for a few years other than to sew a patch on my coat every once in a blue moon. I've mentioned a few times over the last few months how I've had the creative itch again. After a weird year or so I'm finally feeling like myself. I'm dabbling in a few other creative outlets, like embroidery and watercolors, but deep down I missed sewing a lot.
( top to bottom - 1, 2, 3 )
I really enjoyed making zipper pouches. It's super relaxing to me, and as someone who loves organization - I love pouches. I still have a handful from my old sewing days that I use everyday to keep my camera bags tidy. It hit me a couple weeks back what I wanted to do! I could get fabrics printed with my photos on them and sew pouches with them. This would combine my favorite hobbies, photography and sewing, and that way I'd have something unique to offer. I wasn't exactly sure how good the fabric would look so I just went ahead and got three photos that I had already taken for my society6 shop printed. I could barely contain my excitement when I opened the package. The fabric turned out even better than I expected. I immiedately set to work gathering the rest of my supplies, and got sewing. I'm so proud of how these babies ended up looking. I actually have them sitting on my desk beside me right now because I seriously just love seeing them!

I'd like to produce a new set of fabrics hopefully once every month or two. I think from here on out I'd like them to be a little bit more tied together with a theme, like I said these were just tests that turned out really well! I considered opening up the shop again full time but realized it would be a lot more fun for me creatively if I did it this way with little flash sales. I'll definitely give more notice before the next one, hopefully with some sneak peaks before the release, as well as a date of when to expect them to go live but this batch really just came together so quickly I couldn't hold off sharing them. 
They're available for purchase here. I only have a few of each of the three prints so if you're interested I'd act quickly. I'm still undecided on whether or not I'll be getting any fabrics, these or future collections, reprinted. So consider these babies limited edition!

Update - In exactly one hour I sold out completely. I am blown away. You guys are the actual best. Due to overwhelming demand, I've made five more of each print available for pre-order. The fabric is ordered. I will sew, and ship as soon as it gets here. Please allow up to 2 weeks for shipment.

Ps. I'm curious to hear what else you'd like to see on pouches! What sorts of themes would you be interested in? I'm down to hear any suggestions.

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cardigan - c/o Macy's (no longer available)
tights - Kohls
camera bag - Jo Totes

I'm a pretty colorful person but I'm sure it's become quite apparent I have an immense love for all things black and white. I like the way it really makes my hair pop. This outfit isn't my usual black and white striped ensemble but I'm pretty in love with it nonetheless. This dress is from Unique Vintage's house brand. It's so incredibly cozy and something about the fit is just spot on. I'm not usually a huge fan of dresses that lay so flat against my stomach. I'm not sure if it's how active I've been (heck yeah, bike rides!!), if it's the dress or a combination of the two but I feel darn good in this little black number!

Hope you're having an awesome week!

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I often get asked what I do for a living. My answer depends on who asks. If it's an older person that I don't know I might just say that I'm a photographer. It's easier to explain than the real answer. If people in my own generation can't seem to grasp it, how I can expect the generation before me, who grew up without computers to understand it? So what do I do for a living? I'm a blogger.

The frustrating/strange/down right annoying thing is, I frequently hear things like "that's not a real job", "you can't possibly make enough money doing that!", "that's only a temporary thing, right?" and "what are you going to do after this?" But what is a "real job"? I have thought so long and hard about this question. I still haven't come to a conclusion. Maybe it means a doctor, or a lawyer or any number of careers that I have literally never even considered for myself. Is blogging not a real job because you can't go to school for it or because you don't need a resume to do it? Is it not a real job because you don't need an interview to fill the position or because you don't personally know anyone who does it? What makes something a "real job"?
Whatever your answer I assure you, blogging is a real job. I may not have to leave the house for days on end if I don't want to (not that I recommend anyone ever does that, definitely not as fun as it sounds!) I can work in my PJs or without pants if I want, and no one cares if I come into work with morning breath. My co-workers may be two cats and a dog who enjoys sitting beside me and squeaking his tennis ball incessantly but this is a real job. I live alone and completely support myself. I pay all my own bills with the money I make blogging. There isn't another job or person helping me out and I'm not living off credit cards. I'm no different than any other person with a conventional job.

The sad thing is that this bias of what is and isn't a real job doesn't stop at blogging. Many other millennials with unique careers experience the same thing. For example, Mickey travels the world teaching taxidermy. This girl is killing it. Did you see what I just said? TRAVELING. THE. WORLD.  Yet somehow, that's not good enough to be considered a real job by some people either. She deals with the same questions.

It needs to be acknowledged that any way of supporting yourself even if it isn't traditional, so long as you aren't stealing or hurting anyone, is a real job. It seems awfully silly to criticize someone for making a living doing something they love and enjoy, doesn't it? Blogging isn't all that new of a career and despite what you may have heard, it isn't going anywhere. There are tons of people out there making a living doing just this.
 Co-worker Klaus. Excels at distracting me.
This is part one of a new series that will hopefully help explain and clear the confusing fog about blogging as a career. I'll share tips, answer questions, and generally just share more information about what being a blogger really means. On that note, if you have any questions, or specific things you'd like me to talk about I'm all ears. Shoot me an email or leave a comment!

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