Today is the day! The third round of limited edition pouches are available

I decided to go with a full set of made from photos I took of pressed plants in my personal collection. The very first set of limited edition pouches I made were basically a test to see how my photos would look printed on fabric. I had two pouches with pressed plants and they were just gorgeous. I had to make more. Not to mention it's so satisfying to finally do something with even a tiny portion of the plants I'm always gathering.

There are six different prints total, and two different sizes. Three of the prints are on my standard size pouches (6x3.5 inches) and the other three prints are a new, much larger size -10 inches wide and 5.5 inches deep so you fit a whole lot of stuff inside. That was a request I heard over and over with the last two sets so hopefully that's exactly the size everyone was dreaming of.

The pouches are available for purchase here! Just like the past collections, these are limited edition. There is a very small number of the larger pouches since they use up so much fabric. I wouldn't hesitate if you're interested in grabbing one. Once these ones are gone, they won't be restocked and the fabric won't be reprinted.

As always, if you have any suggestions for what you'd like to see in a future collection just let me know!

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After Morro Bay we continued up the Pacific Coast Highway. The further we got, the more I fell in love. Is it okay to admit that I wasn't impressed with the coast until this point? Because I wasn't. Maybe we just weren't hitting the right spots, or maybe it just differed so much from my expectations that I wasn't into it. This stop though, at William Randolph Hearst Memorial Beach, won my heart. The temperature was cool, it was foggy out, and the water was the most beautiful color. I could have stayed here for days.

A short drive up the road from there is Piedras Blancas Elephant Seal Rookery. We saw signs for it, and it was on Roadside America but I was not prepared. I assumed there was a chance we might see some elephant seals there. I didn't realize the beach would just be covered in them. I have never seen in elephant seal in person so needless to say I was captivated. These puppies are maaaaassive. Males can grow 14-16 feet in length and be 3000-5000 pounds. They're also very loud, and very smelly. Totally worth the stank to see these beasts cuddled up on the beach together. I loved watching them. I ooooh-ed and awww-ed as they played and just about lost my mind over how cute they were when they used their silly little flippers to flip sand on themselves. (You can spot one doing that in the second photo down. Right in front of the flowers.)

The elephant seals were really awesome but the squirrels at this stop stole my heart. I noticed them as soon as we got out of the car. I was excited to get a nice close shot of one of them with my 100mm lens. Then all of a sudden one of these little cuties runs right up to me. There were signs not to feed the wildlife but I figured picking something off the ground that someone else had already tried giving them as a way to lure them in was a nice little loophole I could use and not feel guilty.

As I'm squatting there, trying to photograph and love on squirrels, an older couple comes up to me inquiring where the elephant seals were. In the middle of their sentence a squirrel just jumps into my lap. I immediately started looking at the squirrel, looking at them, looking at the squirrel, looking at them - trying to get these people to notice. They either noticed and didn't think it was interesting or they somehow did not see this incredible thing happen. As soon as they walked away I managed to get Jeff's attention and he snapped a really cute shot of this squirrel sitting on my lap. I got one too, you can see it here! As soon as the squirrel hopped down I burst into tears. Yes, literally. I'm an emotional person, whatever. It made my day. Shoot, it made my month. I'm still over the moon. My sister-in-law was asking me about the trip and what my favorite part was. Without even thinking I blurted out "SQUIRRELS!" Haha. California, I love your squirrels. Even if I didn't fall stupid in love with the state I would come back just for the squirrels.

We made a stop just down the road from the elephant seal rookery to shoot the fog on the road. I feel like the above photo of our rental car might be a little out of place in the post of cute animals, and the ocean but you gotta admit, it's a pretty sweet shot. I'm not sure why but I was so fond of that little car.

You can find more posts from our road trip under the "travel" tag.

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179 : 365  You guys, stationery addiction is reeeeeal
Notebooks from Modcloth, pen by Seltzer Goods.

 180 : 365 A sneak peek at the next collection of pouches! This beautiful thing and five other designs will be available this coming Tuesday at 8:30am EDT. I can't wait to share photos of the rest of them. 

 181 : 365 A few new little babies, some of which I grew myself! When I was at the greenhouse to buy these I actually saw a really cute little lizard running through the plants which might be totally normal in other states but I've never really seen one in Ohio. I was super pumped.

182 : 365 Future friends! Normally Squid will get up and leave if Klaus comes to lay so close - not this time! This is progress. These two will cuddle someday, I just know it! It might take ten more years but I've got hope.

Oh, what's that? More stationery? Yeah buddy! Tara from Dactyl Life designs stationery with paper scraps, illustrations, maps, doilies, etc. that she's collected over the years. This set is the bee's knees. I can't wait to use these.
 183 : 365 I got pretty little surprise from Eclectic Eccentricity in the mail. Thought it looked purrrfect with this dress.

184 : 365 Evening light is my favorite.

Hope y'all are having an weekend (and that if you're in the US that you get lots of opportunities to play with sparklers!)

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How cute is this cactus pillow? Kind of glad it doesn't match my living room decor or else I'd have to have it.
(via: Modcloth)
I will always be a sucker for fun stationery, just look at this memo pad!
Limited edition circle skirt in an eye print from The Paraders! I don't know how I missed that print when I shared these skirts a few weeks back.
 (via: The Paraders)
 An award for every one of us!
 (via: Prize Pins)
I feel like I might have already posted this banner by Winter Cabin Collection but I just love it so!
(via: AMNH Shop)
 (via: Fennec Design)
I want to send this card to all my friends.
(via: Amy Heitman)
I couldn't choose just one item from Vital to share so here's a bicycle mug, and hoodie
(via: Vital)
These notebooks!!! So pretty!
I currently have two turtles whose shells open up for storage. They're also both gold. This one would be a perfect addition!
I'm sad that gift shops don't really sell pennants anymore because I would have bought one from every national park. I did find this awesome Joshua Tree one online though!
(via: Modcloth)
Corey Marie made this portrait of Jeff and I, and I'm still squealing over how adorable it is. She does custom ones!
(via: Corey Marie

Link Love...
▴ How great is this bicycle pizza cutter I found in Mermaid Gossip's shop?!
▴ A cute little jackalope necklace!
The Story Tree just started offering mini pet portraits. It'd be so cute to have one of each of my critters.
▴ Etsy recommended this to me as something I might like. It's Danny Devito as a ham. I have no idea what prompted that recommendation but I am all about it!

Hope you have an excellent Friday!

Ps. Don't forget to browse my Everyday Favorites if you want to see more fun finds!

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