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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

urban waterfall, ohio, waterfall, bedford reservation

I feel like I've shared my frustrations with summer many time before, or maybe I've just typed and deleted one million times. Basically it boils down to the fact that there is so much to do, and just not enough time... so I get stressed and end up doing nothing. Or maybe I plan to do something but realize, dang, it's just way too hot for me. Both Jeff and I are complete weaklings in the heat. We wilt like flowers so most plans have to be taken care of early in the morning or in the late evening. I really do love summer, but it definitely stresses me out.

A week or so ago Jeff and I ended up stumbling across a waterfall while on a day trip to Columbus. It was a nice little hike and splashing around in the water was super refreshing! When we got back in the car it hit me, we should spend our summer checking out all the local waterfalls. Ohio probably isn't the first place that comes to mind when you think of waterfalls but surprisingly, we have A LOT of them.

urban waterfall, ohio, waterfall, bedford reservation

Sunday morning I woke up to my phone vibrating. It was Jeff asking if I wanted to go check out a some falls at Bedford Reservation. Less than an hour later we were on our way! There were a handful to choose from but I thought Great Falls of Tinker's Creek looked the most promising... and I was totally right! A very short hike from the parking lot is this gorgeous waterfall.

I wasn't too interested in shooting the falls until I finally listened to Jeff and tried a long exposure. Part of me feels like long exposures of waterfalls are kind of played out, and result in the same exact shot that just about everyone else has ever taken but I always have to remind myself that just because someone else has probably taken a similar shot doesn't mean I shouldn't take my own. We actually sat in bed and talked about that subject for a great deal of time later that night.

Anyway, once I got started with the long exposures of the falls I didn't want to stop! I only got a few shots before we left. Part of me considered just filing them away since I didn't have enough for a full post on our falls adventure but I am really excited to share these and be able to look back on them at the end of summer to see how much my waterfall photography has hopefully improved. So I tossed in some photos from later in the day at my brother's house. I think they all flow together pretty well. They're not all waterfall shots but they do sum up a pretty perfect summer day.

Ohio waterfall
Did you spot the tiny worm in the photo above?

Three waterfalls down for us so far this summer; Indian Run Falls, Paine Falls, and Great Falls of Tinkers Creek. (photographed above) Here's to finding many more!


on my deck - summer 2016 update

Monday, June 27, 2016

I'm going to be real with you here, since my last post about all the things growing on my deck, I've kind of been ignoring my plants. I barely watered them, didn't really check on them, and basically tried to forget about them. This started after a few things didn't go quite as planned. I had picked up two or three plants specifically because they were great candidates to tear apart and make more plants from. They were leggy which meant I could steal the leaves to propagate, leave the stem planted to grow some babies from there, and chop off the top to plant as is. Basically the whole plant failed. Stem died, leaves burnt, and the top rosette absorbed too much water. It broke my poor little spirit. I didn't feel like putting any effort into them anymore.

Over the weekend I decided to get back outside, get everything cleaned up, and quit being a baby. Failing a few plants doesn't mean I have a black thumb! I got rid of anything that was dead or dying (basically just some leaves I wanted to propagate) and I'm trying to nurture the things that were still growing despite my brief abandonment. I also rearranged my whole deck. I'm back at square one - obsessed!

I took all the leaves that were still growing and arranged them neatly. Sometimes, when I have a huge number of them at once, I get bored with laying them all out. It takes a great deal of time, and after a while your hands start to feel big, dumb, and clumsy. But I've found that when they are at least somewhat neatly organized I want to take better care of them so taking the time is actually worth it.

It's really encouraging to look back at the post from early June, and see how much everything has already started to fill in. It's hard to notice that stuff in person when you see the plants all the time. I actually wasn't sure anything had grown at all but I see definite changes which is very exciting. I honestly don't think I'd be half as interested in my plants if I wasn't able to compare before and after photos. Seriously - photograph your plants! It changes your mindset!

Below you can see one of my favorite plants, to the left of the tall cactus. That is THE perfect example of how the stem of a plant will product new babies after you remove the top. I can't believe how much it's grown since the beginning of the month. If I could just have a collection of things growing just like that I'd be all set! The leaves in the pot with it? Also growing stupendously! I recently shared a photo of them on instagram, check it out here

So, have I convinced you to be a crazy succulent person yet too? Don't worry, I probably will by the end of summer. ;)

See here for tips on propagating succulents.
To see more photos of my plant collection browse the "plants" tag or follow me on instagram. I recently started using the hashtag #kaylahheartsplants.
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friday favorites

Friday Favorites #370

Friday, June 24, 2016

My friend, Mickey, recently started selling these AMAZING electroformed copper rings made with beach glass she's collected. They're available in a handful of different colors!
After my most recent encounter with a snail, I'd really like this patch for one of my jackets.
 (via: trashedy)
Isn't this camera bag dreamy!? That's such a nice color. I've kind of been on the hunt lately for the newest addition to my camera bag collection, could this be the one?
 (via: Lei Momi Bags)
Cactus pens! Yes, please!
 (via: C&S Designs)
This bedding set is just too good... I mean, other than the fact it's mostly white and I often eat in bed.
 (via: Zana Products)
(via: mudpuppy)
This bralette is everything!!
Isn't this such a lovely design?
 (via: Esther Sandler)
Yeah, this cactus neon light is kind of a necessity.
(via: Modcloth)
It's the final pressing of this awesome shirt by Maiden Voyage Co! Don't miss out!
This macbook skin is adorable! I really like this design too!

Link love...
 ▴  I need this pin for when strangers talk to me about my tattoos.
 ▴  Oh snap!
 The only beach towel anyone should ever need. It's a donut, okay!? 
 ▴  Friendly neighborhood cat person? That's meeee!
 ▴  Pizza patch for your jean jacket.
 ▴ A waffle scented candle. I repeat, a waffle scented candle. Maybe you'd rather smell donuts? Okay, here is a candle for you!
Do you have a dog? Is he/she a terror to walk? This harness is a game changer. Klaus likes to tug and he is so incredibly strong. I recently purchased this harness and he was automatically an angel to walk with. Seriously if your dog tugs on their leash at all, you need this!

Happy Friday!!

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