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Y'all, it is still stupid cold outside. I'm so sick of wearing layers upon layers every time I leave the house. It seems weird to think that I could ever wear shorts and a tank top again, it just feels like winter has been here so long. You know it's bad when you start getting excited about 30 degree weather. I've taken to dressing up nice while I'm in the house so I don't go crazy. I've actually worn this exact outfit twice this week. I mean, if no one saw it did I really wear it? As long as I still smell nice, and only have a minimal amount of pet hair on my it's all good in my book. Although as soon as the camera comes out, all bets are off. That dog is a total ham. I cannot step in front of the camera in the house without Klaus running over and trying to get in on the fun. Needless to say, these photos put my pet hair on clothing limit over the line.

This is another post in collaboration with the #iamunique campaign by Unique Vintage. It's a year long campaign to celebrate how you express your own unique style, embrace your own unique body, and embody your own uniqueness. I'm a member of the Style Society along side four other awesome bloggers. I'm still so excited to be a part of something so positive like this. Right now they're actually focusing on "every body is a beach body" which I love! I'm bummed to not be participating but uh, like I said it's freezing. I don't exactly have anywhere to be wearing a swim suit. Check out their instagram for a really neat polyptch they made promoting the sentiment. (It looks better in app than online, of course.) I've actually always wanted to do a swimsuit outfit post but felt kind of silly frolicking in the water with a camera pointed at me. "Oh, don't mind me. It's for my blog." Maybe this is my year.
Hope you're having an awesome start to your week!

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Over the last few days I've taken the time to update a lot of pages on the blog. Nearly all the pages along the top navigation bar have had a facelift. Since it's apparently not all that often that I get around to doing a complete overhaul on them I thought a little recap of what to look for would be helpful.
 /// Little Things
About Me : New photos + updated "about me". My favorite part is the main photo, a scan of a handful of photobooth pictures.
FAQ : New questions added, including the most popular questions I get about abandoned buildings.
Equipment : The only one that didn't get an update. Guess I'm waiting to just rework the whole post. I will add right here though that main thing different is my love for this lens. I've owned it for just under a year now and it's seriously the coolest. Not really sure how I went for so long without it.
Favorite Posts : New posts added to the list!
Contact Me : There's a new cute picture of Klaus? Haha, not really much to be updated on that front.
Shop : Still the same link as before but with some new photos I'm really excited about.
Blog Buttons : A brand new section with buttons so you can link to The Dainty Squid if you so please.  If you need another size just shoot me over an email.

/// Even Bigger
▴ I added a handful of new tags to the blog, and deleted some that weren't being used. New tags include bikes, cemeteries, Cleveland, and travel. These are all subjects that get a lot of attention here on The Dainty Squid but for some reason were lacking a tag. This should make browsing a lot easier. Actually, if you have any other suggestions for tags, things I blog about often, then let me know!

/// Best of all
 I updated the advertising page big time. Here's a quick overview of the new things happening there...
 ▴ The XL and large ad space options both now include inclusion in at least one Friday Favorites post. It's something I've been going back and forth about for a while now. A lot of blogs include some sort of sponsored feature with the purchase of ad space but that just doesn't really fit The Dainty Squid's content. I still really wanted a way to highlight my sponsors though. Inclusion in a Friday Favorites post is perfect and I don't know why I didn't think of it sooner! I understand that it may sound like the integrity of my Friday Favorite posts will be compromised but the way I see it is since I have to approve all sponsors before ads go live anyway. Knowing that I'll be featuring them in my Friday Favorites just ensures that those advertising are a good fit for my audience. Friday Favorites always have been, and always will be products and links I'm super pumped about.
 ▴ Small ad space now runs for 35 days instead of 30 like other ads. That's less than a dollar per day!
▴ The three month advertising discount? WAY BIGGER!
▴  I've opened up the option for other ways to partner! Something else in mind other than ad space? Interested in having your products featured on my instagram? Thinking a sponsored post best fits your need? I'm interested in discussing whatever you may be thinking. Just shoot me an email
So, that's whats new around here...along with a handful of other things I've probably forgotten! Haha!

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52 : 365 All finished up! I'm pretty pumped about how this piece turned out.
 53 : 365 So much sass in one little cat.
 54 : 365 Three in one picture again... even if one is hiding in the shadows.
 55 : 365 This tiny little corner of my office was driving me nuts. It wasn't incredible messy but let me tell you, it looks a million times nicer now. It's so satisfying to me to get even one small area organized.
56 : 365 Caught this creeper snooping in my purse.
 57 : 365 Monthly photobooth picture, and new gum. I kind of have a gum thing where I have to buy any new flavor or brand I've never seen before. I found these in World Market. Both are kiiind of strange, especially the birthday cake. I've never actually had gum that literally tasted like cake, and this one does.
58 : 365 Apartment, sweet apartment.

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Can't keep plants alive? Here you go!
Never enough pairs of overalls in my wardrobe.
 (via: Unique Vintage)
This fish is actually a relaxing lavender eye pillow. I love the idea of laying around with this silly looking fish on my face.
Somehow I don't feel like flowers would actually stay in the vase if you picked up any speed but I just love the idea of flowers on my bike. 
(via: Public Bikes)
Oooh! You know I love me some pretty notebooks!
 (via: Modcloth)
Yes please to these socks! They also have this pizza shirt which is just way too cool.
 (via: Yeah Bunny)
 Yeah, the collar bandana is cute but look at that puppy!!!! SO dang cute.
I think it's been established that I'm a huge fan of quirky accessories. I LOVE this necklace.
(via: Kate Spade)
I've got coats on the brain. I recently realized none of my winter coats are all that warm so I went on the hunt for something super warm. Every store I tried was completely out of coats. I realize spring is approaching but in Ohio we've still got a while where the weather will be freezing. I spotted this gem in Modcloth's new arrivals. If only it were a winter coat...
(via: Modcloth)
I really really like this print. I'm thinking it might look perfect in my office. I have just the spot for it.
Striped dresses foreverrr!

Hope you have an awesome Friday!

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